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Sorry, but German and French contempt for America only makes Americans distrust Germany and France. And if Berliners feel that if it is vogue to be against America then I regret that Americans ever defended West Berlin from the East Germany and the SU. Moreover, I regret the expenditure of American lives during the Berlin airlift to help the parents of Berliners.

Here's something else that DW is spending taxpayer's $$$ on:


A German permanent seat in the UN Security Council. How - balanced. Three seats for Europe, none for Latin America or Africa. Seems to me Germany should get into line behind Japan, India, Brazil, and arguably South Africa.

Germany doesn't have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, although Russia does, so, considering Russia a European country (that's where most of its population is), your statement about "three seats for Europe" holds.

Permanent members are the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China. China's seat was formerly the Republic of China; more recently, it has been the People's Republic of China.

SV Jim,

You are correct. I was responding to the suggesting made in the header that Germany is seeking a permanent vote on the Security Council. Russia isn't part of the EU and isn't likely to be any time soon. There is a specific Russian POV which isn't very similar to that of the talking heads of the EU, a fairly homogenous culture I find.

As long as they're not in the security council, whatever the Germans might say about American foreign policy is just so much ... Hindenberg air.

On the other hand France has a veto, and they're not really all that important, either.

Hmm, maybe the REAL power of your country is the ONLY thing that matters, not the U.N. You think?

"OK, expats, you're told now whom to vote for." --- Do you actually believe i need to refer to DW to know whom to vote for?

Thanks to the miracle of cable TV i had a very sobering experience the other night on 3 channels in germany... that totally biased debate, you remember?

If there is one thing i know now: i'd rather have a guy for my president who is (apparently, what i read) able BY VIRTUE OF BRINGING A SMALL PIECE OF PAPER TO A DEBATE to reduce his opponent to a whining, inconclusive babbler.

Any guy who can pull of a stunt like this must be far more able to run a government/country than someone who (in the face of criticism) stands like a deer in the headlights, only to revert to repetitive babbling.


"Hmm, maybe the REAL power of your country is the ONLY thing that matters, not the U.N. You think?"

I think the UN DID matter once and could again. I'm afraid I can't buy into the 'might makes right' philosophy. Nor the 'might makes wrong' for that matter.....

What a piece of pure journalisitic crap this piece is. And to think this is a subsidized view from germany's over-taxed and under represented masses make it that much more foolish.
What this editorial FAILS to realize is this- that many, many american citizens will vote for Bush simply as a way to tell the impotent and duplicitous euro welfare-freaks to kiss their damn ass. NOT ONCE does this imbecile mention the fact that the people of the US can see right through the thin skin and minds of the "eu" and are laughing at your foul words of anti-americanism and they know damn well that the withering euro financial and social fabric has created a need by "eu" governments to deflect their own total failures with their own emphasis on anti-americanism. And to think this ahole even states that it is now "in vogue" in the "eu" to be anti-america.
Get a life you fools. Work on turning YOUR country into something, anything worthwhile instead of a fetid wastland of re-populated 3rd world muslims and modern day idiots who have the Stasi running in their blood lines.
Germany with a seat or a vote on the Secrity Council? Why? What have you done to deserve this germany? You belong on a council that is supposed to guarentee "security" just as much as the Sudan has a place on the UN human rights commision. What the hell have you ever "secured" germany other than as a trouble maker or an arms dealer to the 3rd world? What is just ONE modern day accomplishment that germany can claim that would then qualify it for a seat?
The childish acts emmitting from the "eu" over the last three years have laid the foundation for the END of the UN (spit) presence in the US. We will kick this instituion out of our country in due time, and then gemrnay you can try to gain influence in whatever group comes from that split. Until then- you are not worthy from ANY angle for a seat.
Bush wins for sure, the "eu" then begins it's failure just as soon as the constituion is voted down.
Then the world can watch you fools back into your groups and power blocks. And at that time- the US will be watching to see how quickly your region decends into the chaos of the 1930s all over again. At least at that time we will have to send no troops of young men and US woman to die on the shores of the "eu", the same shores their parents have fled for centuries in order to escape the mind-rot that permeates your continent.
A squadron of F117s can take care of it all for the US by then.
Again, and for the 1000th time in history europe has it all wrong and once again is on the wrongside of history.

I have often wondered where the balanced, nuanced, diplomatic Western Europeans get off using phrases like "unmitigated disaster" "Washington's arrogance," and "unilateralist." In the words of Inigo Montoya "You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it does."

For the umpty-leventh time: yes, yes, Americans have indeed heard rumors that Brussels is ticked at us. There is ample evidence in the American media that European (and Japanese, and Brazilian) ideas are taken seriously and weighed on their merits. Where is the evidence that Germans are taking American ideas seriously?

The favored image in Europe is the wise, calm elders trying to reign in the energetic but unwise adolescent Americans. However, we have been in the democracy business a good deal longer than any of you, and more recently we have provided for your defense for half-a-century. The humiliation is apparently unbearable to Germans, et al, who have responded much as adolescents always do.

I've lived outside the US for years. Young is full of it when he says all the anti-Americanism is a direct result of Bush's actions. It was there years before Bush was elected.

What Bush's actions have done is caused those who already hated the US to ratchet up their rhetoric a notch. And it's even more misinformed than ever.

America's actions after 9/11 didn't lose us any friends, it just showed us who our friends are.

It's interesting to see that the German media harbors the same denizens as the Americam media - wingnuts and moonbats. Here's something the French and German should be thankful for - the Bush admin has never pointed out any of their perfidies or pushed an "anti" campaign. If he did, you might be amazed at how his ranks of supporters would swell. You might also be shocked to find how the American people without any direct suggestions from the Bush admin could take out their displeasure on Europe's two sisters. Look very carefully and you'll find that any negative comments emanating from the US (towards these two) is NOT coming from the Bush Admin. If it did, because of the American peoples long tradition of rallying around a beseiged President, you'd become to realize what poor economies were really like.

Have you noticed that this is clearly marked as an "OPINION" by Marc Young (American?)
It would be good to see another opinion though for balance.
An opinion piece of Dowd or Safire doesn't mean that the New York Times tells you what to think.

OK, so the country that gave us Auschwitz seems to think that the United States is acting improperly? The country that started two world wars is commenting on the country that rebuilt it when it lay in ruins? The country that for the good of the world was split in two now looks down upon the country that protected it against Communism and then reunited it? Is that it.

I have an alternative. How about the scum-sucking Germans spend the next, say, fifty years appologizing to the world for the Nazi Death Camps and there part in the last two world wars. And while they are at it, they can pay us back with interest for the money we spent rebuilding their country and protecting their worthless hides from the USSR.

For the record, I think that the ICC is a stupid idea.

And I'll be happy to tell them what I told my SO's sister from England when she whined about President Bush not signing the Kyoto Accords: "President Clinton never did anything to get it approved by the Senate. He gave it lip service and watched it die. But you don't seem to complain about that, do you? Why is that? Is lip service enough for you? As long as we tell you that we support a treaty and let it die, is that OK?"

And then there is Prime Minister Tony Blair. Isn't it interesting that President Bush is blamed for going it alone, but we have all of these other countries with us. What do the Germans have to say about the British? Is President Bush such a spell-binding orator that PM Blair has fallen under his spell and will follow us to the ends of the earth? Or do our allies -- our true allies -- understand what's a stake in the Middle East while the Germans do not?

Dear Mr. Young

Knowing that the main audience of DW are people in other countries trying to stay informed about German issues whether they are of German heritage or just feel affiliated to Germany by some other way, I would like to shed some light on some of your comments from a total different perspective. A perspective that should also be considered when broadcasting around the world. It is the view of a German who has spend almost 7 years in North America.

“In contrast, the latest opinion polls in the United States have Bush leading Kerry for the race for the White House. Why such a disconnect between US and world public opinion? It may be partly explained by the fact that most Americans are not confronted by the powerful antipathy for Bush and his policies that US citizens living abroad experience on a daily basis. Those back home also don't see the specter of rising anti-Americanism that Washington's arrogance has helped breed.”
How is the World opinion connected to US politics? Comparing the dimensions it would be like Nigeria’s voice needs to be heard in Germany during elections for the Chancellor. It is also arrogant to display US citizens living abroad as the victims of their countries policy. It is the pure biased journalism that put those people in the spotlight of media producing hatred from a society ranking way behind the US in public education, thus being unable to read and comprehend the benefits of a multilingual internet providing all sorts of news and information to the willing and interested mind.

“Like many overseas, I shuddered when long-standing allies France and Germany were branded as traitors for their reluctance to take part in Bush's war of choice in Iraq.”
Regarding that comment I strongly have to object. It is my recollection that President Bush promised to involve the traditional allies in any decision making process regarding Iraq during his meeting with Chancellor Schroeder while being in Berlin. Shortly after that it was the Chancellor who unilaterally and loudly felt compelled to articulate his opinion from almost every market square in Germany he could find, that between friends there can be differences in opinion. He stated, that regardless of UN involvement there will be no German participation in Iraq. While delivering this position he never felt the need to call “his friend” to forward that opinion. This is how you alienate friends and that has been loudly heard and recognized in the US. So Germany proved itself as the traitor it has been portrayed as.
While being in the States during the Kosovo war I had to personally defend the need for the US to participate in such a pure European problem. Relatives of soldiers didn’t feel the need to put American lives in harms way for a solely European issue. While America stood by it’s allies during a time that Europe has proven to be unable to handle “internal affairs” it is ridiculous to follow Schroeder’s argumentation during the Iraq war. The question of being an ally is not a one way street.

“Besides seeping into the mainstream media, anti-Americanism is becoming not only accepted, but normal. In central Berlin, no one bats an eye when a US flag is hung upside down and painted with the slogan "Against America." A direct result of Bush's unilateralism, it is now vogue simply to be opposed to the United States.”
This sentence would imply, that it was just President Bush in office who is the reason for these feelings. Even before he got elected the foreign, and especially the German, media left no stone unturned to ridicule the former Governor of Texas, a proceeding I can’t recall by any US mainstream media in light of the reelection of Mr. Schroeder. The blame for this kind of journalism should therefore be directed at foreign stations that feel more compelled to broaden their view despite educating people by broadcasting news. There should not be the need to deliver favorable solutions. This includes the station, that is putting the butter on your bread.

“Despite America's unprecedented military and economic might, the country still needs help from its friends and allies. Most don't even expect the United States to treat them as equals. They simply want to be treated with some respect.”
America has always been on the search and successful enough to call countries it’s allies. Maybe one of these hopes was Germany, a country the US helped dearly to get back on it’s feet after WW II. A country protected for almost 45 years by the US armed forces, a country back on it’s economic feet in “almost” no time due to the massive help provided by the American public resulting in a country able to spend the revenue of it’s growth in benefits to the own public. Is it asked too much to ask some solidarity for a maybe unpopular decision in the light of an equally unpopular flow of money from the winner to the looser? The word ally has lost it’s meaning in the face of German politics right now.

The self indulgent pulings of the spoiled grandchildren of the most filthy, vicious, anti-human regime in recent history are breaking my heart. We Americans are so bad. The guilt of our arrogant hegemony is tearing my soul apart.
Oh, the pain

Sooner or later even the Euros will realize that George W Bush is one of the only world leaders with the stones to stand up to these misguided individuals. I am being as generous as I am able to with the characterization "misguided".

The present-day Germans are the moribund residue of a proud and stoic civilization. They are the leftovers of WWI and WWII, the stay-behinds after emigration to America. Some wounds are mortal. Germans just don't know it yet.

Alright guys, simmer down, the people who aren't heard over there are the same folks who aren't heard over here. The media actively disses the opposition like David. There are others who are taking your comments to heart. That shouldn't happen. One idiot doesn't make a country.

As an American Expat, my ballot is in the mail right now and it has a vote for Bush! When the German Government is telling me who to vote for it gives me the willies!
God bless America!

Speaking as an American, I shall display a singular unconcern over the German Media's latest bout of Anti-Americanism. It is no different than the same nonsense from the 80's and 90's.

And SPON and DW just can't handle being ignored....


It's not one idiot. It's a continent of idiots. What are the precentages of those expressing anti-American feelings in Germany? The last figures I was aware of were something like 80% of the population. Even our former ally Spain, and current allies Italy and Poland have a huge majority of anti-American attitudes. Pre-invasion, Blair had to buck about 80% disapproval to offer Englands support.

What these idiots fail to realize is that America is traditionally isolationist and is rapidly returning to it's roots. Next time Europe needs the global policeman - and there WILL be a next time - we plan to take a loooong donut break. Europe will be gladly ignored until you threaten us. Then take a good long look at Iraq and Afganistan and decide if you really want that kind of attention.

This reads like over the top ranting from the lunatic fringe, but Europeans are not the only ones capable of expressing anger at other countries. Most of them have NO idea of the enormous groundswell of anti-European anger sweeping America. You've gone right past fair weather friends to enemies. The illusions about our "friendship" have been destroyed. And the motto of the U.S. Marine Corps might just as well be the motto of the U.S. "No better friend, no worse enemy." Guess what, Eurotrash? You've done gone and pissed us off. And you may find we express our anger in very unsophisticated ways.

I haven't done a Euro-rage rant in a while. I feel much better now. NOw I just have to find a Frenchman to spit on.

"I haven't done a Euro-rage rant in a while. I feel much better now. NOw I just have to find a Frenchman to spit on."

Honestly... political discourse is a good thing, but a statement like this? Sure, he (hopefully) didn't mean it "reallly", probably ment to be "funny"... but seriously - is this the level you folks want to debate on?

To *spit* at people via your allmighty keyboard i sugest you post over at LGF... that kind of statement seems to be quite O.K. there.

I always thought "Medienkritik" was a bit above that. But i'm having doubts lately.

Oh, and for the record: yes, i'm leaning "Democrat". And believe that (however faulty) the U.N. is still a pretty good idea. Probably the best we have right now - which doesn't imply that the U.N. ist't due fore a major overhaul... but to do that you have to participate. And if you don't like the idea of "uppity" small nations... just look at (e.g.) the german federal system or the american House/Senate...

"Medienkritik" has disappointed me a lot lately....

So "Medienkritik" is "responsible" for everyone's "post" "here"...What do *you* suggest "they" do differently? "Delete" all "provocative" comments and perma-ban "offenders"?

" And while they are at it, they can pay us back with interest for the money we spent rebuilding their country "

We paid everything back but maybe americans should pay us for all the most advanced technologies and inventions americans stole us afer WWII. Americans had never heard of the word "Rakete or Düsenjäger" before they came here! Who do you think created the first space rockets or shutles on the way to the moon? .....lol dumbass
That was much more worth than a few million stinky dollars

Stole? many of your scientists came to the USA of their own free will to escape the Nazis.. Einstein comes to mind.. we didn't steal it, you gave it away.

Good point amiexpat. As a matter of fact Warner Von Braun and most of the rocket scientists at Pennemunde(sic) fled east to make sure that they were captured by American forces, not British nor french forces but American forces. Oh yeah and by the way Von Braun died an American citizen.


It´s true that Germans invented the "Düsenjäger", sophisticated missile-systems and some other sophisticated devices designed to commit mass murder: In fact, the Americans did not come to Germany in order to rob these technologies but to prevent them from being used to bully Europe even longer, to cause even more genocides.
The "brain drain" was a consequence of Nazi politics before war, of their merciless (gnadenlos!!!) discrimination of Jews (that is: decent well-educated GERMANS and PATRIOTEN!) and, yes, of a war that was begun recklessly and with evil intentions.

BTW it has always been a haughty prejudice and an element of anti-americanism to denigrate american technology: "Only German Herrenmenschen are able to create innovations whereas the US produced nothing but the jeep on their own."

I would call that: Hochmut kommt nach dem Fall!

If you want some further (re-)education, read: Dan Diner: Feindbild Amerika, München 2002; pp. 158 et passim.


Do the Names "Robert Goddard" or "Frank Whittle" ring a Bell?

As far as nasty comments go.....
People over here in europe should maybe understand
that what has been basicly a one way street is not ecomming two way. For the last 3 years the German media and many of my so called German friends have been more than happy to tell me how F#*§ed up my country, my people and my President are. My wife tells me everyday that I´m just being paranoid und das ich leide unter uberempfindliche ami-stolz. go to any book store. welt-bild is my favorite example. go to the history section. last week I counted 19 ANTI_AMERICAN BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like living over here!! I have a good life. But what the F.....!! AmI to think of people over here anymore???????? Some days I think that the next time some Arrogant AS...LE tells me that "i´m pretty OK. for an american" (And this is supposed to be a compliment!!!!)i´ll spit on him myself or try maybe to even kick his eurobutt.
I´m get so angry sometimes that i could explode.
So don´t be suprised my euro friends if the ami starts getting a little shitty and hitting back. Hell i even tried to tell my wife yesterday about the list that came out with all the Oil for food bribees ( is that even a word?)and she just gets up and leaves the room.
so yes we are entitled to rant every once in a while. We have to hear it all the time from the other side. And like the man used to say....pay back is a bitch.
I feel better now. sorry.

As if most Americans actually give give a whoop-de-do what Germans think.

"Americans had never heard of the word "Rakete or Düsenjäger" before they came here! Who do you think created the first space rockets or shutles on the way to the moon?"

You are the product of a fine German education no doubt!

Look up Robert Goddard...
Then look up Sir Frank Whittle...
Then realize that the American XP-59A "Düsenjäger" first flew on October 1, 1942.

What a horrendous display of ignorance you are with that ill-thought-out statement.
You can't be THAT stupid, can you?

You seem to have difficulty with history. Here are a few pages for you:
You seem big on rockets. Das Wort Rakete
kommt vom italienischen rocchetta. Interesting yes?

Notice the date. 1937. "As early as October 1932 he had been granted a patent for the first turbo-jet engine." That would be before Mad Adolf took power yes?

As you say, lol dumbass.

gnadenlos, assuming you return and weren't just here to dump on the thread, a couple of links for you:
Different strokes for different folks.

The underlying mistaken premise of Young's piece is that Americans are like Europeans. I'm not the least bit surprised as I have encountered it consistently with Euro-view writers, be they expat Amis or not.

-Euros are pessimists. Americans are optimists.
-Euros are collectivists. Americans are individualists.
-Euros are still suffering under the handicap of class-structured cultures, which are statist. Americans consider class a fluid circumstance.
-Euros are unreconstructed utopians. Americans are realists.

Expat Amis may indeed have a closer view of the animus of Euros than do stateside Americans and I have no way of evaluating how the Euro media and those oh-so-sneering personal contacts with Euros will influence the vote. But in point of fact, neither does Young, certainly not if he expects them to behave like Euros and develop a case of the vapors just to be liked by people who displace their responsibility to address their impending demographic catastrophe with the anesthesia of a supposed cultural superiority toward a country that rescued them from annihilation.

Found this via Vodkapundit re Cabana Boy's "Global test":

"I got it immediately, despite the people in my bar screaming "FRENCH TEST!" Kerry was talking about credibility."

Europe's worst nightmare has happened, we're paying attention. Be careful what you wish for.

Hi Doug,

I can relate to what you are saying. The problem is that "we" Americans who have spent so long over here, even married Germans have made our Mom's and Grandma's proud - we have been polite.

Things have gotten worse here the last three years, but prior to that it wasn't that much better. Germans and I means a vast majority - because I can count the ones who have not done the following on one hand and I've been here for over 25 years, will explain all the perceived shortcomings of America and Americans, they list their favorite ones from the official pre-approved list of prejudices and then turn around and tell you that "You" are the exception to the rule. While insulting your intelligences, insulting your country by explaining their prejudices, which they picked up by osmoses, as the God's honest truth, never once even considering that they are repeating absolute garbage all the while skillfully separating you from your own country and countrymen.

The prejudices they repeat without any thought or examination of where they came from or if they are true are the - here comes that word "root" of the animosities.

They cover the personal, the very personal, the political, daily life, shopping habits, driving habits, the size of our cars, eating habits, our brutal economy, the fact that all Americans are not insured all the time, our naive believe in self-reliance, we work too much, we don't have enough time to go on vacation, we tie our ties incorrectly, we chew gum, we say please and thank you too often, we are prejudices towards African Americans, our education and university and college degrees are not equal to theirs, we are superficial, we don't speak foreign languages, if we want to accomplish something we just go do it, we change jobs in mid-life, we go back to college in mid-life because we want to learn something new, ei git ei git.

So how have we responded to this and other prejudices - we politely smile and ask ourselves why they are attacking us, we politely attempt to explain that the US may not be as bad as described, if we respond a little more forcefully we learn that we are not meant - we are different from the rest of the imbeciles who call themselves Americans. Should one then challenge them with facts, they are lost - why because they learn nothing about our country in school. How many Germans do you know who really understand our electoral college system? What reaction do you get when you explain to Germans that 70% of American own their own home? (here it is between 20 and 30%). What happens to their eyes when you explain that federal tax of 35% applies to people earning $330,000 a year. What happens when you explain that Americans don't put their savings into the Sparkasse but into very lucrative pension funds and have homes to finance their old age, what happens when you tell them that the local school is financed from local and state taxes and parents actually can get teachers who choose not to show up to teach fired.

It is my believe that it is time to call a spade a spade. It is not our job to educate the Germans - it is their job to stop accepting their own prejudices as truths. It is their job to wake up and examine their pre-conceived ideas and compare them with what America and Americans really are. It is their job to stop dumping their garbage on us because they think they can. If you explain to them with facts that they are blithely repeating garbage they cry foul -"They" after all have a better education then you do (no matter if you have a Master's and they went to Realschule - it simply doesn't matter). Do we really need people who do this to us? Is this the kind of friend you would want to be? Not me... .

I note two things. One, The assumption that Americans are not aware of the "specter of rising anti-Americanism" and, two, the assumption that it would influence our opinions if we did.

It will surprise few, here, if I say that that "specter" indicates a rising foolishness and, therefore, I simply reject their opinions. I also wonder why they think their 'good opinion' is something I would value above my own.

@trish- right on with your briollliant comments.
It is the "eu" that is wrapped up in blinders and a complete fanasty mind-set for the real world.
Though you neglect to mention the claims bythose in the "eu" that US citizens have no passports. Well if we could piss from one end of the US to the other perhaps we would need to head back to the land our fore fathers fled in disgust more often. That is if one wanted to spend a summer holiday stuffed into the crusty halls of multiple museums displaying supposed past "glories" while the overstuffed german next to you belches and passes gas.

One wonders how much America can rely on thier Traditional allies when:

The three main opponents to going into Iraq (France, Germany and Russia) have been implicated in the Scam that was the UN's food for oil program
(total skimmed estimated ~5 billion)

When Advanced missles systems (Rolan 3's) stamped with a Jan. 2003 manufacturing date are found in Iraq. (not to suggest that they sold them to Saddam after the U.S. was preparing for war)

When military advisors (Russian) left the country shortly before/after (depends on which report) the war started.

That these same countries have insisted that thier contracts for oil purchases they negotiated with Sadddam be honored.

Need I add more?


do you think Gertz's Treachery will be translated into German and become a bestseller?

"That is if one wanted to spend a summer holiday stuffed into the crusty halls of multiple museums displaying supposed past "glories" while the overstuffed german next to you belches and passes gas."

Now, now, Pato. It's not that bad. Most large German cities tend to be rather boring - exceptions being Munich, Berlin, and Koln. I go to Munich for Oktoberfest and if the chap next to me is belching - well then so am I! Large pots of lager will do that! German beer halls can be great fun. I like the smaller cities better. For museums you're generally better off in France or Italy.

Y'all are hilarious. It's an opinion piece. It's Mr. Young's opinion. Also, Fischer was right. More than you can say about the regime in D.C. at the mo.

Thanks for playing.


Germany isn't implicated in the oil-for-food scandal:


And the Roland story was a canard:

"Poland apologizes: French missile story wrong"


I think those scientist were just happy to be alive. Even a brief look at where the Nobel Laureates originate from in any given year is telling - not about origins, but of the state of quasi-socialism that has it's boot on the necks of Europeans.

Heay - but it's all for our own good, right?


Regime? Is that what you call it when you feel left out?

Pu the bong down, sparky.

"why because they learn nothing about our country in school"

What do americans learn about germany? exactly the same NOTHING..........oh wait nazi nazi nazi, thats what they teach you and thats it!

Wait a second, previous poster...
1. I think you will find there are a lot LESS hard feelings towards Germany in the US than in other European countries..
For example..
Around the time of Reunification..
Margaret Thatcher did not like the idea of reunification.
One prominent Frenchman said.. I like Germany so much I am happy there are two of them. BUT
The US was a HUGE proponent of reunification.
Ironically under W#s father..
Do you think W doesn't know about that and remember that? and when he gets compared to Hitler and Julius Caesar by members of the German government, that isn't going to have some impact on him, based on the fact that his FATHER was the greatest proponent of German unification?
2. At least 25 percent or more of the US has some ties heritage wise to Germany.
My heritage is entirely German (I am was born and raised in America) but all my ancestors as far as I know were German. As a result of this fact Nazi ethnic slurs are a lot less socially acceptable in the US than in most other European countries (UK, Netherlands, etc.).
Because the US is a melting pot, ethnic slurs are much less socially acceptable than in Europe.
I live in Germany and am shocked by the s... I hear from citizens of one country complaining about the others..
Are the Amis weltfremd? yes, a little bit..
but the average European doesn't impress the hell out of me either.


what the heck are "nazi ethnic slurs?"
Are all americans then "slave building ethnic slurs" or "native american genocide ethnic slurs?"
Pretty weird phrase in my opinion!

And because a handful of people saying dumb things like "bush is hitler or cesar" shows you all germans are thinking that or saying that?

yeah a handful of people in the upper echelons of the German government...and a few other million people. I did not say ALL..Geez, I live here in Germany.. I hear all sorts of crap like that.

and I was referring to the comment above which accused the Americans of only thinking of the Germans in terms of their Nazi past.. did you really understand my post?

It would seem you agree with my post, since all you are doing is nit picking

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