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Off Topic:

The Ultimate John Kerry Ad


Sit down before looking at this picture:



silly man, silly man....
That's hilarious!

This is a Weapon System sKerry voted for:


Hmmm. Javier Solana. How..... intimidating. Now the Brussels beaurecrats may begin the process of planning for the summit to plan the logistical support of the planning process for the..... Once their holidays are finished. Assuming that Outer Mongolia and Benin have no objections.

It shouldn't take more than 18 months for the first 'logistical support' to appear in Darfur - 24 months at the outside. Unless the Bush administration acts 'unilaterally' and provides the logistics (and is naturally roundly condemned for it's 'unilateralist' approach). While the EU secretly sighs with relief that it didn't have to actually DO anything!

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