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This is no surprise. It is common for communists to reach back in articles of record to remove anti-revolutionary history. Rewriting history was invented by the communists....Soros and his crowd are carrying on the time-honored activity.

Huh, maybe Mr. Soros hasn't read his Karl Popper THAT thoroughly, after all...

Or maybe it is a technical error.

You can still find the post here:


They added archives.

Hey Robert,

Nice find! Looks like he took it off the main page and buried it in some archive. The other posts that surrounded mine are still up.

How did you get into the archive to find it?

---Ray D.

George Soros explains "technical error".

Monday, October 18, 2004
Medienkritik Clarification

On October 13th I posted a comment from Ray D. of Davids Medienkritik with my response. Due to a technical error, the exchange fell off of my blog archive, although it has always been available on my website at its permanent link. I have been extremely forward in my opinions with the explicit goal of fostering a dialogue about the policies of the current administration on Iraq. I would not intentionally remove a post from my website. The administrators of the website are working to resolve the technical issue, and in the meantime I encourage readers to look at the original post.

posted by George Soros @ 10/18/2004 11:07:02 AM EST


I messed with the url. Another post on the same day link was here:


so I changed the ID to 24



No conspiracy. Just a bad archive.

NOTE from Ray D.: This was written by Robert, the ISP for this message matches his.

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