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It's getting worse, former Bubba admin - Joe Lockhart - spoke w/Mapes.

2 on Skerry's campaign have been tainted, how many more?

A fascinating read on the islamization of Europe, read all at front page magazine.


FP: Bat Ye'or, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

" Bat Ye'or: Thanks for inviting me to your prestigious magazine.

FP: First things first, can you explain the term "Eurabia" to our readers?

Bat Ye'or: Eurabia represents a geo-political reality envisaged in 1973 through a system of informal alliances between, on the one hand, the nine countries of the European Community (EC)which, enlarged, became the European Union (EU) in 1992 and on the other hand, the Mediterranean Arab countries. The alliances and agreements were elaborated at the top political level of each EC country with the representative of the European Commission, and their Arab homologues with the Arab League's delegate. This system was synchronised under the roof of an association called the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) created in July 1974 in Paris. A working body composed of committees and always presided jointly by a European and an Arab delegate planned the agendas, and organized and monitored the application of the decisions.

The field of Euro-Arab collaboration covered every domain: from economy and policy to immigration. In foreign policy, it backed anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism and Israel's delegitimization; the promotion of the PLO and Arafat; a Euro-Arab associative diplomacy in international forums; and NGO collaboration. In domestic policy, the EAD established a close cooperation between the Arab and European media television, radio, journalists, publishing houses, academia, cultural centers, school textbooks, student and youth associations, tourism. Church interfaith dialogues were determinant in the development of this policy. Eurabia is therefore this strong Euro-Arab network of associations -- a comprehensive symbiosis with cooperation and partnership on policy, economy, demography and culture.

Eurabia is the future of Europe. Its driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974....".

I love it! SPON Mission Control should be a permanent institution at Medienkritik. It's as good as it's funny. More of that stuff!

First we find out Kerry surrogate Max Cleland was involved. Then Kerry oppo research. Now Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart via CBS' Mary Mapes.

People are starting to ask if maybe CBS shouldn't be considered a Democrat 527

Hi Ray, good job!!! Ich hab mich köstlich amüsiert beim Lesen. Du solltest das "Fake-Interview" den Spon-Redakteuren mailen!!!

As long as one knows it's fake....

You have been pronounced 'Pajamahideen' by a Time reporter. Oh, the ignominy of it all.

As far as I know, it was Jim Geraghty of the National Review's "Kerry Spot" who invented that expression in the first place.


Goodness me. Too funny!

Hey David
zum Thema: „Unterstützen Sie Davids Medienkritik!“

Ein heißer Tipp: da CBS ja die Beweise offensichtlich gefälscht hat, sollte es doch euch nicht schwer fallen einen Nachweis vorzulegen, dass Bush seinen Militärdienst-Verpflichtungen vollständig nachgekommen ist.
Und nicht desertiert hat, wie es diese verlogenen Liberalen behaupten…

Damit seid ihr eure Geldsorgen los,
und von der Bush-Administration gibt es bestimmt einen Verdienstorden im Kampf gegen die Achse des Bösen….

mehr Info im folgenden Link:

Notiz von David: Wir werden doch ohnehin schon von Bush's Neocons und vom internationalen jüdischen Finanzkapital finanziert. Zweimal zahlen die nicht...

Very funny and rather apt mate.

Keep up the good work. If there is one thing leftists hate more than truth, it is ridicule.

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