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If 'drinking beer and playing football' are dim-witted, then most of Germany (and the US) qualify.

Is the new bush-meter an over-reaction? I don't think so. Bush is leading in the polls between 1 and 11 points, depending upon the poll you read. Call it a - or 6 point lead on average. 60% really means 60-40. Kerry has a 40% chance to win. That is probably too high (I'd rate him at no more than 33%). But even that is not an insignificant chance to win.

Rating Bush at 60% does not mean that Bush wins 60% of the vote. If Bush really were drawing 60% support in the polls Kerry's real chances would be less than 1%. 5% is a gap which has been overcome in the past. Reagan and both Bush's overcame that kind of gap. But Kerry hasn't shown anything liek the qualities of character that Reagan and the current Bush have. And Bush isn't Mike Dukakis.....

I heard somewhere on talk radio that 12 or more German Burgermeisters were coming to Washington to plead against base closures. Apparently their cities will be devestated by the newest rounds of force reduction pertaining to Korea and Germany. I haven't heard or seen anything in SPON or anywhere else....anybody have any follow ons to this story?

So Mr. Pitzke is writing about "the factually disproved propaganda of his [Bush's]swift-boat surrogates".
I suppose the average Spiegel-reader, known for his intellectual curiosity and critical sense, will not be content to hear simply that some unfavorable story about Kerry is just propaganda, without knowing what the story actually amounts to and why exactly it shouldn't be true.
We can safely assume, therefore, that Spiegel-readers recently were exhaustively informed about what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were actually saying about Kerry and that conclusive proof has been presented to them that those Swift Boat Veterans were merely lying and that Kerry was a real hero in Vietnam. Of course there was also recently in Der Spiegel an exhaustive review of the newly published book "Unfit for Command", with a complete point for point refutation of al the bad arguments put forward by the author, with whom BTW Bush shares of course a law firm, financiers or friends.
Der Spiegel, a really informative magazine for highly educated people.

Etwas OT, aber interessante Entwicklung: Die Dokumente, auf die sich Dan Rather (CBS) in seiner Sendung "60 Minutes" beruft und die Bushs Dienst bei der Air National Guard zum Thema haben, stellen sich mehr und mehr als Faelschungen heraus (aktuell berichten die Washington Post und ABC News darueber).

Natuerlich laesst es sich Mark Pitzke nicht nehmen, diese zusammengestrickten Aussagen, die dem damaligen Bush-Vorgesetzten Killian in der National Guard in den Mund geschoben wurden, in seinem neuesten Spiegel-Artikel "Wähle Bush - oder stirb" als bare Muenze zu nehmen.

Deutlicher kann's eigentlich kaum sein:

Bush Support Strong After Convention
Kerry Favorability Rating Plunges in New Survey

By Richard Morin and Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Friday, September 10, 2004; Page A01

President Bush emerged from his New York convention with a solid lead over Democratic challenger John F. Kerry, strengthening his position on virtually every important issue in the campaign and opening up a clear advantage on many of the personal characteristics that influence voters in presidential elections, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

For the first time in a Post-ABC News poll this year, a majority of probable voters say they plan to vote for Bush. Among those most likely to vote in November, Bush holds a lead of 52 percent to 43 percent over Kerry, with independent Ralph Nader receiving 2 percent of the hypothetical vote. Among all registered voters, Bush leads Kerry 50 percent to 44 percent.


Um was wollen wir wetten, dass Pitzke den Bush-Messer am Montag von 60 Prozent auf 25 Prozent absacken lässt?

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