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I'm sure he's still "not confinsst". WHat does he need? A missle landing in his back garden?

No. No missile, just more money. They're corrupt beyond belief. So much for the UN.

don´t worry, now it`s getting serious for Iran. Fischer raised the concern-level to "terrible fault",
how he calls Iran`s behavior endangering the eurabian future.

a better question might be are those german parts on that missle?" When are germans going to knock this crap off and come out from the stone age? Is there STILL an un-spoken alliance between german knuckleheads and the islamist regimes? obviously there is and has been for ages.
from deutsch welle-
German Arrested Over Suspected Nuclear Deal
"A German man was arrested on suspicion of arranging the supply of nuclear arms equipment to Iran, federal prosecutors said on Thursday. The man, identified only as Helmut R., who has since been released, is suspected of brokering a deal in January 2003 for the supply of equipment used for handling spent fuel rods and separating plutonium. "These are required parts of a military nuclear program," prosecutors said in a statement. They said that the man's efforts to supply Iran with the equipment led them to believe he was working as a spy against Germany's interests. The 53-year-old man from Friedrichshafen told the Associated Press news agency he hadn't done anything illegal. He said he had informed German officials in advance of the intended sale, but they didn't approve it. In May, a German businessman was jailed for four years for attempting to ship aluminum tubes to North Korea for possible use in its nuclear weapons"

"I'm sure he's still "not confinsst". WHat does he need? A missle landing in his back garden?"

I'm just wondering: what's the term for someone who complains about other peoples' accents when they speak foreign languages but who cannot even spell words correctly in his native tongue?

Tobi - i think they call his critic a pedantic nit-picker with a poor memory.

Remember Fischer's speech at the UN where he said "zorry! (as if he was sorry) I'm not confintzt!"?

Seitenlanges Blabla im aktuellen SPIEGEL dazu:

Der Club der Dicken

Er kann träge und zahnlos sein, aber wie die ganze Uno soll auch der Sicherheitsrat schnell und schlagkräftig werden. Wer gibt, wer bekommt, und erhält Deutschland einen ständigen Sitz? Der Kampf um die Reform ist ein Ringen um Geld und Macht.


Den Artikel hätte man sich wirklich sparen können. Von denen zu reden, die auch noch 3,- Euro dafür ausgeben, um das Heft zu erwerben, mal ganz zu schweigen.

Falscher Thread. Aber es geht ja ohnehin um Annan und Fischer...

"WHat does he need? A missle landing in his back garden?"

Fischer or Annan? Annan at least has something at stake. New York is a likely target and Annan is likely to be there if NY becomes a target. Albeit with a helicopter ready to evacuate him if the epicenter is not too close to the Upper East Side.

Fischer is not likely to have anything at stake. Given his history I'm doubtful whether he can or will ever change his position outside a direct, massive attack on Germany akin to what happened on 9/11. Even a nuke blossoming over DC or Tel Aviv wounld't change that for long. Like Le Monde, Fischer would be a 'Jew' until the Israelis obliterated Tehran (about half an hour). Then he'd change to being a Persian.

Joe, I was referring to your "missle" not Fischer's "confinsst".

But let's leave it at that. I just don't think that having an accent is a something people should be ridiculed for. I have a German accent when I speak English, most Germans have. I have tried to get rid of it but a touch of it remains and probably always will. That being said, I know very few people, who do not have an accent when they speak languages which do not happen to be their mothertongue. Do you? What counts in my opinion is the effort to learn a foreign language, to understand others and make yourself understood.

N.B.: By no means defending Fischer here, just my fellow Dschörmänns, well, basically anyone cursed with a particarly unpleasant accent.

Oops, that should be: "particularly unpleasant"

Tobi - I know what you mean, i'm a lebanese immigrant. Making my english understandable took many years.

I'll stop that kind of taunting when european lefties stop their little fixations with 'Texas as a pustule on the universe', the mangling of north american accents, and the whole cowboy hang-up that quite frankly, is starting to look like a sexual problem.

I'll stop when their left stops aiding and abetting the cruelest and most illiberal hostile faction in existence - the Jihadists.

They march to give emotional support, and they demoralize and confuse the population into a suicidal situation - deconditioning us all believing that it's better to permit the end of your own way of life and not defend your own way of life, instead of ever using force.

They could, once again, with the force of their armchair ideologies bring others into peril.

Just found this one at lgf. Schroeder is threatening Lybia:


I guess Muammar is really, really afraid now.

all of this over a sticky letter 'i' - sheesh!

Actually Hartmut - I had this feeling that the SPD was so badly doomed that the Beslan massacre might induce a politically motivated u-turn. The odds are tiny, but it is possible.

I express solidarity to anyone with an accent..
I am an Ami who lives in Germany and have learned quite a bit of German
but have not lost the accent.
Everyone asks if I am ENglish, but I am honest and say I am an Ami..
my mistake... there is usually only an uncomfortable pause after that, but sometimes I get an earful.
But I refuse to lie..

@Joe N.: No u-turn, not a bit. Just look at this undemocratic, dirty little charade with Verheugen and Erdogan, to get Turkey into the EU. The SPD will turn if (or as soon as) we are hit by the Islamofascists, and dozens or hundreds of dead germans are slaughtered.

Uuups - scratch "dead".

It looks like we all have the walking pneumonia of poor spelling.

If someone could make a scandalous web page or even a leaflet listing a few simple things there would at least be the benchmark of a different weltanschauung.

1. List the 'cardinal virtues' of German society - as in what things do they hold most dearly, besides the welfare net - like tolerance, a 'good society' etc. etc.
2. List the defining principles of the global jihad movement, as well as a laundry list of their hits.
3. put up a message board where people can report the anti-terrorist operations that they see in their locality that go unreported.

Host it abroad. The list will grow, it will either become a scandal, or a source for authorities. Either way, what they are doing will known. Whoever reads it will have to realize that what they think the government is ever so gently doing or not doing is not quite what they think it is. It's a spin-killer that could change the tone of the government's announcements, and bring the public a taste of reality. The rest is up to them and their 'gutmeschliche' judgement.

Just a thought.

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