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One of the things you surely want to do is to make a complaint to your state public service commmisson who set rates for telephone service in your area.

Here this is a great threat. The companies regulated by the PSC do have answer these complaints and it does affect their rate requests.

As far as your bill is concerned, you have just paid enough to have had your cable company deliver serivce.

Sorry this happened to you. This is why I have local serive and dsl with one carrier and long distance with a second carrier.

In these situations, it pays to fight back. Start out with phone calls and keep calling. Then write letters to a company's official complaint address. You usually will always win in the end although it really gets your nerves sometimes.

Years ago I had AT&T do a "bait and switch" on me and I had to write a letter to their official complaint center in Florida to get reimbursed. I had to make several phone calls and asking/demanding many questions/answers before I got clued in to the address and procedures.

Bottom line: Do not give in.

Another good "Vorwahl" I found is 0190031.

Litauer Jasikevicius blamiert Amerika"

Das finde ich auf der FAZ-Seite zu Olympia. Unter etlichen sachlichen Headlines sticht diese mit Häme hervor. Kein anderes Land wurde mit ähnlich schäbigen Worten bedacht.


Read this:

Commentary- World War IV - Norman Podhoretz


Great information!

Hello Ray:
I agree with you, I'm in the process of dumping Verizon as soon as I move.
Like a media monopoly, a virtual monopoly in any sector of business hardly ever defers in the direction of it's customers' interest or honesty. It's just too much work!

Thanks for the link, Gabi -
verrry interesting!

All the best!

Auch wenn's nicht zum Thema ist, möchte ich diesen Link aus der Kommentarsektion meines Blogs doch einmal weiter"empfehlen":


Obwohl ich es falsch finde, daß Tagesschau-Menschen unter dem Label der Sendung ihre Privatmeinung verbreiten können, finde ich es schon interessant, dort mal unverhohlen zu lesen, was sonst immer nur unterschwellig eingebaut wird. Wer so etwas liest und dann immer noch an die "Ausgewogenheit" und "Objektivität" deutscher Amerika-Berichterstatter glaubt, dem ist wohl kaum noch zu helfen... Und das ist nur die Tagesschau, die sich ja nun wirklich noch zurückhält im Vergleich zu anderen...

I use a VOIP solution. I use www.sipgate.de for a free german phone number and I pay 8.90 Euro for 1000 minutes of outgoing calls. If I didnt use the 1000 minute plan, it would be 1.87 eurocents per minute. Plus my german friends can call me with a local call and I pay nothing.

Before I used VOIP, I used a virtual calling card from www.onesuite.com that charged me 4 cents using an 800 number or 3 cents if I used one of their local dial-ins. Also what was nice, I could give them my home phone number, and whenever I called the dial-in, it would recognize my phone and not ask me to enter the 15-digit pin. So placing a call was simply hitting the speed dial button for the service and then dialing the german number. Also using a calling card has no surprises, because you pay in advance.

My latest prefered dial around code is 01071 (which also states the price.) 1 cent/minute within Germany, to the US, Canada, etc...

Thomas, danke für den Hinweis. Hier ist Info über den Schreiber dieses Textes. Er ist zur Zeit in New York. Was wohl die Amerikaner über ihn denken? Sein Hinweis auf Liebermann ist empörend.

"Name: Rainer Sütfeld

Letzter Beitrag: 22.08.2004

Aufenthaltsort: New York

1955 in Essen geboren. Studium in Berlin und München: Komunikationswissenschaften, Neuere Geschichte, Kunstgeschichte Volontariat "Münchner Merkur", Redakteur, Reporter und Moderator beim Saarländischen Rundfunk, Bayerischen Rundfunk und Hessischen Rundfunk, seit 1991 beim NDR als Zeitfunkleiter, CvD, Leiter Aktuelles und Politik. Ab 1995 Korrespondent in Berlin und Hörfunkbeauftragter für den Aufbau des ARD-Hauptstadtstudios, wurde 1999 stellvertretender Studioleiter und Hauptstadtkorrespondent. Seit 1. Juni 2002 ARD-Korrespondent im Studio New York. (Quelle: ndr info)"

Er schrieb das:

"Es ist so infam, das es fast schon wieder genial ist und ich hier sitze und gar nicht weiss, welchen Trick ich (aus taktischer Sicht) mehr bewundern soll, dabei aber staendig an Max Liebermann denken muss. Der Berliner Maler schaute aus seiner Wohnung auf den braunen Fackelzug durchs Brandenburger Tor und meinte „Ich kann gar nicht so viel essen, wie ich kotzen moechte.“ Nein, um alle weitergehenden historischen Vergleiche von der Hand zu weisen, hier geht es nur um eine GAU im US-Wahlkampf, um die Groesste Anzunehmende Unappetitlichkeit, die in der Strategie des George W. Bush und seiner Republikaner jedoch nicht neu ist. ..."

Ist das nicht e k e l h a f t ???

@David, Gabi

I'm not sure what relevance Gabi's article has to transatlantic calls, although the article seems interesting enough to be worth a mention. But it brought to mind an idea: you might consider a static list of links to interesting resources of greater length, such as Gabi's article. No interpretive commentary (that can go in the usual place in the weblog), no commentary, just a list with all the major resources in one place where they acn be located easily. Each should have the title, a link to article, and a brief (one or two sentence) abstract. You could also provide a link back to the appropriate entry in the weblog (if one exists), so people could read the comments other might have had on the article.

I frequently find myself digging through various weblogs looking for links I've read but didn't bother to keep track of myself. Having them in one place where they would be easy to find six months later would be nice.

I'm an occasional visitor to Europe, and I encountered a different kind of international overcharge. Whatever you do, DON'T use your credit card for a call. We ended up paying something like a $67 connection fee. Made three calls and payed something like $220. We were calling from Vienna to the U.S. I'm sure expats probably don't try to use something like a credit card, but it was convenient for us till we were able to get some euros in our pockets. Never again.

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