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Du bist sicher der enkelsohn Joseph Goebbels. Ist es ein bischen unangenehm in die hitze des sommers deine schwarze stiefel und bomberjacke zu tragen?

Den Amis sind nicht schuldig das du kein job hast.

Den Amis sind nicht schuldig, das du keine Freundin hast.

Du warst sicher nie in den USA und kennst persoehnlich kein Amerikaner.

Du hasst sicher auch Juden, Turken, und andere Leute aber es macht dir verueckt das die Amis sind zu stark in deinen geplannten KZ lager zu stellen.

Gott sei dank weisst jeder das solche leute wie dir sprechen nicht fuer Deutschland.


Gäähhhnn, was passiert? 'mal wieder gedankliche Fäkalien abgeladen?
Armer, bedauernswerter Wicht

@ amihasser: I am quite happy that your simple mind obviously never got any decent schooling and hence is not able to communicate your "thoughts" in any other language than bad German.

@ David: you have my fullest understanding and sympathy for drowning in too much work. Don't find much time myself for reading and commenting at least a little bit on your blog with Pato or James (haven't heard from Niko for quite a while, still mad at me? ;-) )so I appreciate all the more your efforts and time for keeping thishere blog running. Thanks for that!

Btw: gave your blog adress together with tall-glas of milk, wizbang and watcher of weasels to two German professors of political science (both specialist for American politics and both rather conservative minds!). Might well be that soon they themselfes or some of their students will start to monitor your blog for some scientific research on new lines of political communication etc.......... Should be cool, don't you think?

Note from David: Thanks for the kind words and the support, Pat. Re Amihasser: don't bother to react to him. His comments are regularly deleted. He's small change.


Did my mail answer your question on research and education funding?



I found the reply I sent to you. I deleted your email address per your request. I would be happy to sent it to you again if you will just tell me where.


Schäuble gegen ständigen deutschen Sitz im UN-Sicherheitsrat

Berlin (dpa) - Unions-Fraktionsvize Wolfgang Schäuble hat das Streben der Bundesregierung nach einem ständigen Sitz im Weltsicherheitsrat als «rückwärts gewandt» kritisiert. Er halte das für einen Ausdruck alten Denkens», sagte der CDU-Außenpolitiker der dpa. Die Zukunft müsse in einem europäischen Sitz im Weltsicherheitsrat liegen und nicht in einem nationalen Sitz. Deutschland scheidet Ende des Jahres als nicht-ständiges Mitglied turnusgemäß wieder aus.

erschienen am 06.07.2004 um 13:16 Uhr
© WELT.de

Ich stimme dem zu. Warum sollten die USA, Rußland und China einem deutschen Sitz zustimmen neben UK und F? Mit 3 Stimmen aus der EU wäre Europa überrepräsentiert. Warum sollten die anderen dem zustimmen? Oder?



A Guide to the Arab-Israeli conflict

"Wir geloben dem irakischen Volk und der Welt, dass wir den Widerstand gegen Unterdrückung und Besatzung bis zum letzten Blutstropfen fortsetzen werden", hieß es in dem Schriftstück. Al Sadr bezeichnete darin die Regierung von Ministerpräsident Ijad Allawi als "illegitim" und "illegal" und forderte die "völlige Souveränität und Unabhängigkeit mittels ehrlicher Wahlen". Er schloss eine Auflösung seiner Miliz, der "Mahdi-Armee" aus.


Al Sadr braucht immer einige Wochen, bis er die europäischen Medien ausgewertet hat.

I too believe that a common EU-seat as permanent member in the UN-SC would be the right thing...... but I can not see any chance that FRance and UK will be giving up their special post-WWII-position in this UN-body. Besides: one of the things to be changed first is the veto-power for some nations in the SC. This is a major hindrance for any positive development of the SC.

Cheerio from OLD Europe


"...one of the things to be changed first is the veto-power for some nations in the SC. This is a major hindrance for any positive development of the SC."

I would begin by revoking France's veto-power.

and keeping the veto-ability only for the Bush administration?

Why, just abandon the whole debate club. What's the current bodycount in Sudan?

My UN fix-it plan:

1. Throw all non-democracies out. They can be observers, but not
voting members. The definition of "democracy" should be rigorous
enough so that silliness like NK "votes" for Kim Jong-il aren't counted.

2. The single-country veto scheme on the SC should be abandoned. Also,
France and Russia should be kicked out of the permanent five, to
be replaced by India and Brazil. Since it isn't a democracy, China is
a tricky question, but maybe democratic Taiwan could vote the HuaRen
seat until the glorious Commies take a dirt-nap...

3. All spending and proceedings should be open and on the Web, unless
there's an excellent reason for secrecy, such as impending military
operations. Even in these cases, archival materials should be made
available immediately upon the end of action.


@ James: allright, you got me there with a rather ambivalent phrasing. It should have read: revoking the veto-right for the permanent members of the SC.
This is a relict from cold war times and should not hinder the further development of the UN.

Another problem of course is that nowadays the General assembly is, due to the development of so many small nations in post-colonialism, a very tricky body to say the least. It is quite easy to get a majority against the western world within the GA at any given time..... While being rich or powerfull should of course not count for everything, just being the majority of nations should also not be enough. Hence I would suggest that in order to get a majority in the GA for anything, you should have more than half of the population presented in the GA plus more than half of the worldwide GDP combined. that should help with getting better resolutions from the GA.

What you think?

Schon etwas älter, aber trifft's doch auch gut:


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