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Corrections and additions.

Turkey is a secular democracy. It has a parliamentary form of government and a
free market economy. Its last election was in November 2002.

As a nation it works very hard to be a bridge between the ME and the West as well as Judeo Christianity and Islam.

“And why not getting rid of all the other dictators of this world?”

The battle cry of the Left. You know when they drag out this worn out phrase they are both morally as well as intellectually bankrupt.

What a wonderful idea. A great mission for the German Army. I am sure they could round up some “real allies” like france, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

--And, judging by the sudden sizable increase in anti-terrorist activities and calls for democratic reform, the Iraq War opened the door for a more peaceful world in the long run.--

They can't see the forest for the trees.

"The IRaq resolutions were binding. There are UN resolutions with teeth (or at least they are supposed to be , we waited 12 or 13 years before doing anything about it).
Hey Iraq was shooting at the US planes in the no fly zones, which the US had the right to be there. act of war there, which the US ignored for too long..
Any other power (Read for example Russia in Chechnya) would have responded immediately and HARD.. the US waited... too long.."

One thing that's ALWAYS overlooked when it comes to Iraqi compliance to UN resolutions is that Iraq was supposed to disclose what happened to a large number of Kuwaitis whom were abducted during Iraq's pullout in the first Gulf War. Turns out they were most likely murdered and dumped in mass graves. But it doesn't matter anymore, Saddam's murderous regime should still be in power and the UN would have eventually concluded there were no WMDs and all would be well in the world. Damn that Bush is one evil bastard.

jo, why is this so hard to understand? It simply doesn't matter whether there were wmds in Iraq or not. Saddam did not comply with the sanctions for 12 years, and there was no evidence that he planned to do so in the future. It was an intolerable situation. US and British planes were being fired on regularly, and the sanctions were helping destroy the country from within.

There were two alternatives- throw our hands up, and let him do what he wanted, or invade and overthrow. It seems clear enough as to what your preferred course of action would be, but those of us who put a little more thought into these things, for the most part, supported the second alternative.

He could have easily complied with the sanctions if he wanted to, but he chose not to. Not to state the obvious, but he thought he could get away with that because of people such as yourself. He miscalculated.

That's right, JJ. If Saddaam Hussein had not been a mass murder and a megalomaniac, he would still be in power.

Unfortunately he was a mass murder and a megalomaniac who funded any form of terrorism agianst both the west, as well as the arabs, israelis, and near eastern muslims who didn't drink the kool-aid with him.

To those who are still unclear on iraq:

A conflict with him was inevitable. It was worth doing on our terms, not his. The ethical error was to wait as long as we had while his population remained in misery under the thumb of his repressive establishment.

Food, water, and electricity rationing was used as a weapon used against those in the population that didn't tow the state's line. Food and water!
Publishing was controlled.

People who oppose the WoT are shooting themselves in the foot. They are opposing an effort to protect liberalism. It looks like the reason it so virulent, the reason that they'll take cause with any small detail that can be found or invented - is because they don't think that their position matters. After years of "crying wolf", they should not be surprised that their protestations are not capturing serious attention.

Bush said today, the international community has to help the IRAQI PEOPLE.

In German media I read so often that Bush is now on his knees and begging for helping the US in Iraq. That is a great ignorance: It is helping the IRAQIS. I hope Germany will realize this and stop this. Soldiers are dying and Iraqi people! It is a serious situation.

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