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Very great analysis! Thanks :-)

--so-called nests of resistance on the coast and inland --


I wonder why they were "so-called" possibly because soldiers were shooting at the allies?

Both NBC and History Chanal ran the story of Grenier, a villiage that lies near St. Mere Eglise.

Botom line: The Americans landed 20 kilometers from their objective. The villiage helped the Americans by feeding them and by retrieving their heavy weapons out of the local swamp. The Americans killed over 500 Waffen SS before withdrawing. The SS retaliated by killing 70 American wounded soldiers who were left behind and by murdering the villiage priests and their house keepers.

I don't think Spiegel will run any stories about Grenier...It makes the treatment of Iraqi prisoners by the dog leash girl, Lanny England, look like a Madonna MTV video in comparison.

Oh by the way....

St Lo was bombed one month after Normandy. The reason St Lo was bombed was to allow General Patton's U.S. Thrid Army to break through the German lines and surround Von Runstedt's Army Group West.

The breakout was a total success. Several German armored divisions were aniliated by the bombing. 250,000 Germans soldiers were killed or captured.

Unfortunately, Montgomery's British and Canadian Army was not able to breakout of Caan. This prevented the Germans from being entirely encircled. Approximately another 250,000 German soldiers were able to escape and fight another day, prolonging the war for 6 more months.

The breakout of St Lo has been deemed Germany's Stalingrad West by many historians.

I wonder why they were "so-called" possibly because soldiers were shooting at the allies?

Probably because not enough Allies were killed.

I realy have been very happy living here in Germany these last 13 years as a civilian and enjoyed my 6 years here as a GI
And maybe I´m getting too cynical in my old age. BUT! I´m getting so damn tired of hearing about the liberation of Germany. As I have always understood it (and I could be wrong), the OPPRESSED are liberated and the OPPRESSORS are conquered.
Am I missing something here or is history being revised??
Secondly, is it true that more Poles landed at Normandy than French? I read that once during the 50th D-day anniversary. But I can´t remeber where. Were the Poles even invited this time. I mean if Gerd can come then why not our other allies who actualy fought there on our side?


When I saw this SPIEGEL title I had the feeling that they start to get scared of their own propaganda campaign. It looks to me as if they realized that the current anti-American hysteria in Germany is starting to get out of control and they wanted to step a bit on the brake, just in case the whole thing should backfire. This would also have the advantage that now they can always say "Oh, were not biased against the US, didn't you see how friendly we reported about D-Day?"

Nato: Interview mit Generalsekretär Jaap de Hoop Scheffer über die Rolle des Bündnisses in Afghanistan, im Irak und auf dem Balkan im SPIEGEL 25/2004 - 14.06.2004:

Stichwort Kosovo:

SPIEGEL: Es ist kein Erfolg der Nato in Sicht. Insoweit haben wir eine parallele Lage zu Afghanistan. Die Propaganda behauptet, man habe alles im griff, doch unter der Oberfläche schwelen die schweren Konflikte weiter.

de Hoop Scheffer: Damit bin ich nicht einverstanden. Man braucht eine politische Lösung, für die sehr viele Akteure zusammenarbeiten müssen. Die Nato ist vor Ort, um so gut wie möglich ein ruhiges Umfeld zu schaffen - jene Ruhe, ohne die es keine politische Lösung gibt.

"Die Propaganda behauptet" - wahrlich, das ist Journalismus, wie er in der Bibel steht! Toll!

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