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The best and brightest Germans either died on the battlefield or emigrated to the United States. This explains much.

Why is the german elite so anti-american?

In my eyes, this is very easy to understand: the USA are a beacon of freedom, and a threat to their power! The US mean freedom of speech, i'ts a country where You can vote for a person and not for a party, in the US, people can vote an incompetent gouvernor out of office! The USA have a strong and growing conservative / right-wing media, and all this means for leftists: they might lose their power!


Die Zeit ist reif for a german Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, for a german Fox News Channel - there are plenty of germans who cannot stand the leftist spin and B.S. in the media any longer. Mr. Murdoch, do You hear me?

For the historical roots of European Anti-americanism please check-out the wonderfully written book by Prof. of Social Science at the Univ. of Chicago, James Ceaser's "Reconstructing America".

Read about advanced European thinking like "The Degeneracy Thesis".

"This thesis, which dominated advanced scientific thinking in Europe during the second half of the 18th century, had two major components. First, it held that animals in American were inferior in variety, strength, and beauty to those found in Europe. This inferiority was no less true of the human species.. Second, it contended that everything that was transported from the Old World to the New from plants to animals and again to humans become stunted and lost it's vigor."

Well, quite a few right-wing partisans are now blaming the 'media' for exacerbating the recent scandals, in which the current administration is immersed. Isn't it funny? What really set their teeth on edge was a remark by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. How dare she claim that President George W Bush is - gasp! - INCOMPETENT.

If you happen to believe that she hit the nail on the head, you might enjoy reading my proposed version of a state of the union that the NEXT president should deliver. To access it, you need only click on the hi-lited hyperlink below.


By the way, the proprietors of the www.BCVoice.com website have provided a couple ways for you to leave your comments.

Yes Hartmut, I hear you. Unfortunately, lately
I've been making too much money and finding new
ways to spend it has become a full time job. You
can understand that I just wouldn't have enough
time to start a new network. I hope I haven't
offended you by this?
Rupert Murdoch
All around heavy duty

P.S. Would Sean Hannity do instead of Rush? Rush
is having too much fun bursting bubbles in the states. I'll drop a word for you.

A Alexander "Sefton" Stella, I'm an American, I
don't know who the hell you are, but over here Nancy
Pelosi is considered to be an idiot even by some in
her own party. I don't try to make assements of your
political figures and I really wish you wouldn't do
so with mine.
The urge is strong but I'll remain civil.

I'd like to add to Stacy's post regarding Prof. Ceaser's writing. You don't have to get the book. Here is a link to a precis: The Genealogy of Anti-Americanism.


(And Stacy, I thought he was at Univ. of Virginia? That's where I found his email.)


Sorry, my bad. He is at UV. Thanks for the correction. I do recommend the book. If offers a more complete analysis.

Sollte irgendjemand auf der Suche nach der Antwort sein "Warum sind die Deutschen gegen Busch" (wird hier immer gerne als "Anti-Amerikanismus" bezeichnet, dann wäre aktuell diese (biased, left left wing etc.) Berichterstattung ganz sinnvoll:


Lügner, Betrüger oder Leute die andere Leute absichtlich und wieder besseres Wissen in die Irre führen wollen, oder für Ihre eigenen Machtspielchen benutzen wollen, mag man eben nicht. Eben Leute wie GWB und Konsorten.

Wenn man dieses Blog so die Monate verfolgt und zurückgeht wird klar, wer bei Aussagen in der Vergangenheit richtig oder falsch lag.

So wie der Folterskandal in kleinen Schritten auf das Weise Haus zugeht, diverse Kommissionen die Aussagen des "Präsidenten" und seiner "Berater" Wortweise in der Luft zerfetzen, gelingt es diesen geborenen Oberhäuptern der willig Verführten immer noch ihre Fehler nicht einzusehen oder zuzugeben, was von wirklicher Kleinheit in allen Belangen zeugt.

Falken brauchen eben eine starke Hand und eine Haube...sonst verwildern sie...

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