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World Affairs Brief
June 4, 2004
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief


There are ominous signs flooding the internet that our government has foreknowledge of a major attack or disaster set to occur toward the middle to end of June. The fact that Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller issued a high profile terrorist attack warning last week, without approval from either Homeland Security or the White House, may indicate they had insider knowledge of upcoming secret plans to stage another high profile attack on America. Let’s look at some of the evidence of forewarnings and their implications:

1) A department of a major corporation in the NYC area, with close ties to Tom Ridge, is issuing warnings to employees to expect "something big" in NY this summer. They are instructed not to ride the subways and trains during rush hour, and to avoid the tunnels.

2) The credit card fraud division of a major bank in the Western US received a visit from the Treasury Department warning them of a startling increase in credit card fraud that funnels large amounts of cash to certain individuals. This same pattern occurred 3 months prior to 9/11.

3) A ham radio operator recorded a sensitive transmission from a military radio net (code named Snowball) that was mistakenly transmitted in the clear: "Snowball Net, comm check. All stations, clock sync, (pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACD link (Burst of digital data…)" Snowball was interrupted by "Burro," a member of the net: "Snowball, this is Burro. You are not secure…repeat not secure…go green…go green… (Bursts of white noise follow for approximately 3 minutes)." [White noise sounds like static, but is coded digital data.]

4) Robert McHugh of www.safehaven.com reports, "The Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we've never seen before without a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth." The "money supply" consists of three figures. M-1 is money that can be spent immediately. It includes cash, checking accounts, and NOW accounts. M-2 consists of assets invested for the short term: money-market accounts and money-market mutual funds. M-3 consists of big institutional deposits and money movements: money-market funds and cross lending agreements among banks. A sudden rise in M-3 indicates large scale movements of money into major banks and investment houses to increase future liquidity in speculative option and money markets. The big questions is: Why would the Fed be pumping up the money supply if they're concerned about inflation and are having to raise interest rates to suppress the rise?

5) Certain individuals in the speculative markets also think something big is in the offing. The following commentary was posted on the Urbansurvival.com website: "I've seen something in the CBOE [Chicago Board of Exchange] put/call ratio over the past month that I've never seen before in nearly 10 years of following the markets. The put/call ratio has closed at 1.0 or higher on 13 of the past 22 trading days, stretching back to late April. There are two things unusual about this: First of all, I can't recall the put/call ratio closing over 1.0 for more than 3 or 4 days in any 1 month, even after the market reopened after September 11, 2001. Someone somewhere is buying a heck of a lot of bearish options contracts... and they have been loading up on them for the past month. This time, it doesn't appear to be the PUBLIC loading but instead, someone else... But whom? And why?"

6) An unprecedented total of seven aircraft carrier strike groups are being deployed simultaneously during June for "training/readiness" exercises. The official story is that all of these carrier groups are participating in Summer Pulse 04, through August, conducting joint exercises and international exercises with allies from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. However, skeptics point out that this is strange given the heavy commitments of ships and forces in the Middle East, the dwindling spare parts inventory and the already scare fuel resources being consumed by our military forces. While most of the carriers are powered by nuclear energy, each strike group has 10-12 support and defensive ships that burn tons of diesel fuel.

7) China and Russia are planning major exercises during this same time period. China’s war games are aimed at "taking control of the Taiwan Strait," according to official sources, and will include some 18,000 troops, over a hundred ships, and amphibious landing craft. Taiwan is responding with live firing exercises in a show of force of its own.

8) Rev. Moon is leaving the US after 24 years. Moon is head of the Unification Church and owner of the slavishly pro-Bush Washington Times. He has long been suspected of fronting for the CIA and of using his news organizations to influence the right-wing conservative movement to accept globalists like Bush as one of their own. As a person with hidden influence in the US, his decision to go back to Korea in June dovetails with the other worrisome signs mentioned above.

9) Russian President Putin has announced he will stay away from the NATO summit meeting in Turkey this month—and will send a lower echelon diplomat instead. If a major conflict is in the offing, Putin will want to be back in Moscow directing his forces.

Analysis: None of these alone is particularly significant, and all of these events may not be related. But taken as a group, it appears as if something major is set to happen in June, and that some people in government have prior knowledge. Let’s look at the four major possibilities, separately and jointly:

1) High profile terrorist event. When another high profile event occurs, it will most likely target a broader area than the World Trade Center. According to INN news, "The goal of these operations would be to produce a worldwide shock several orders of magnitude greater than the original 9-11, with a view to stopping the collapse of the Bush administration, the Wall Street-centered financial structures, and the US-UK strategic position generally. The attacks would be attributed by US/UK intelligence to controlled patsy terrorist groups who would be linked by the media to countries like Iran, Syria, Cuba, or North Korea [thus, giving the US/UK an excuse to attack another country]."

a. This possibility is generally supported by local warnings in the NYC area, as well as the desperate need for the establishment to make good on their deteriorating credibility on terror warnings. However, Ashcroft’s warning was supposedly based on "no specific intelligence," and some of the actions currently being taken by government are far too specific for the government not to have more specific information. These actions—in particular, the military coded radio message—might also point to specific government foreknowledge of, or actual involvement in, an impending attack, as in 9/11.

2) Natural disaster from space. The intercepted radio message, assuming it was not a hoax, spoke of a specifically timed impact event calculated to occur on June 20 (near the summer solstice). Coincidentally, the 14th World Conference on Disaster Management will be held in Toronto on June 20-23, 2004. Some are speculating that NASA may know in advance of an asteroid strike or comet interaction with earth predicted to occur on that date. The Puget Sound area around Seattle is already experiencing increased meteor sightings--extra large ones--accompanied by loud explosions, for which no one has come up with any definitive explanation other than larger than normal meteors exploding in the atmosphere. According to the AP, "Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the Puget Sound region from the Tacoma area to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly, and many reported booms as if from one or more explosions."

a. This type of speculation is already reviving the large following of Planet X believers and the ZetaTalk forum idea that there is another planet in the solar system that threatens to cause a pole shift in the earth, leading to a major melting of the ice caps. Various of the time-date warnings this group has published have come and gone without effect, so this movement has been increasingly discredited. Much of it is based on New Age revelations as well, which are fraudulent.

b. Already hoaxes are appearing: "Associated Press editors were forced to retract an earlier report that a meteorite might have hit near Olympia, Wash., this morning after discovering that a source, one Bradley Hammermaster, claiming to be an astronomy professor, had perpetrated a hoax."

3) Major economic crash. This is a real possibility at any time given the shaky fundamentals underlying the government-manipulated recovery. The increased put/call ratio is particularly interesting given that there is no general public bearishness in the same markets. Most are hopeful of a recovery and are starting to get back into the markets. Insiders may know something different—hence the large distribution by the Fed of monetary instruments to the institutional side of the ledger (M-3). The Fed may also know that the rising interest rates will trigger numerous distresses in the real estate bubble, and may threaten the highly leveraged derivative positions of the major banks—hence the flood of cash, either to buy out distressed properties or to salvage derivative positions which may already be going south.

4) Foreknowledge of a major war move. Moving the majority of our naval task forces out to sea could be based on intelligence indicating that China is finally going to make its move on Taiwan—using the upcoming exercises as a ruse. This would be a potential trigger event for a pre-emptive nuclear attack on America by China and Russia—the real axis of evil. Both nations are preparing for such an attack eventually. Conversely, moving the American fleet could merely be intended to trigger a Chinese and Russia defensive reaction so that US satellites can gauge how these two would-be-predators would respond to the appearance of a US pre-emptive move.

Here are some other combinations of possibilities. The US may be planning on attacking another country in the aftermath of a coming terrorist attack, of which the US has more foreknowledge than they are letting on. Another move to war in today’s fragile economic condition could cause the markets to take a nose dive—hence the prior move to increase the money supply. The US could be using the fleets’ movements as a deterrent to Chinese mischief in the Straits of Taiwan as well.

Summary: Frankly, I’m not convinced that we are on the verge of WWIII, but there is a slight possibility of that extreme case. Make sure your preparations are in order as outlined in my previous briefings. I would be remiss not to encourage you to be watchful. Check the archives on www.worldaffairsbrief.com or my various books on preparedness listed at www.joelskousen.com.

More realistically, I do think the dark side of the US government is going to pull off something big in June, related to terrorism or the economy or both, so I’m issuing this general alert. I would avoid long distance travel away from home during June. It is highly probable that any of the above events will have major economic consequences, so increase your cash holdings now. Have enough cash on hand to pay a couple of months’ expenses. Do have enough food, water and fuel stored to last you at least a month. If you live in any of the major metro areas, prepare to implement a sealed safe room in case of localized chemical or biological attack. Although a terrorist attack would only affect a small portion of one or two cities (most likely Washington DC, NY, or LA) an over-reaction by Homeland Security in shutting down the transportation net is a real possibility, causing massive shortages and economic distress.

Andee, China doesn't have a navy, that's why they need 100 ships. And what lovely targets for our subs. Our aircraft carriers can house 5000 people, IIRC.

And this is WWIV, not III.

What a shame, ruin's Father's Day.

Andree: you realize that Skousen is a kooky peddler of a book about how to fortify your home. Other than serve in the Army he hasn't held any sort of government job - especially not as an geo-political analyst.

Don't be taken.

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