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That's why Germany desparately needs a comprehensive immigration law so that immigrants can be better regulated and integrated. Unfortunately, certain political parties seem to more interested in blocking the proposal to score political points than in actually improving the situation.

Christoph Keese from the "Welt am Sonntag":

"The radical Islamist prefers to carry a statute book in this country under the arm as a explosive belt around the belly."

In German:


this whole kaplan situation is just pathetic. several bureaucracies blocking each other, incompetence and political correctness lead to this catastrophe.
germany needs security advisors stationed here...

Jaja, Security hier, Security da. Und schon haben wir wieder die DDR. Kaplan ist übrigens wieder gefunden. Hoffentlich wird er so schnell wie möglich ausgewiesen.

weil er sich gestellt hat. man stelle sich vor er hätte während dieser zeit einen anschlag verübt.
und ddr vergleiche kann man nicht gelten lassen. deutsche blauäugigkeit und sozialwahn werden eines tages noch einen grossanschlag ermöglichen, vielleicht guckt fritz dann von seiner schräbergartenarbeit hoch....

Sozialwahn-das triffts!

The one single party blocking a new immigration law (and better security measures) are the so called "greens"! This is a party of leftist elitists, the 10% socially secured upper bureaucrats and teachers, late 68ers that live in a multikulti fantasy world, in a leftist La La Land! This leftist elite apparently hate their fellow germans, as the left elite hates their fellow countrymen in other countries. And don't forget: As soon as they can, 80% of all the 3rd world immigrants vote for red-"green"! This is the way to get the "strukturelle Mehrheit" ("structural majority"), as Joseph "Joschka" Fischer puts it - after all, the left already has the "kulturelle Mehrheit", don't they?

The one good thing that arises from this leftist Wahnsinn is the decline of the SPD. Hopefully they fall under 25% in the next elections, and maybe they'll get their head out of their xxx!

I hope that CDU/CSU impose the hardest and most restrictive immigration laws as soon as they can! We have to end this multikulti nightmare - here in germany, in europe and in the whole western civilisation!

Niko, I don't know in which world you live, but I live in a world where about 70% of the turkish immigrants in germany vote for the SPD as soon as they can. Take a look here:


or here:


One more thing, Niko:

>Well, I'm not trying to be cynical, but the voting base of CDU/CSU is dying away


Take a look here:


This is a degree dissertation about green voters, written about 10 years ago. Quote:

"sie sind überwiegend unter 35 Jahre alt;" - "They are mostly under 35 years old"

now read this, it's a book review. Title of the book: "Der lange Weg der Grünen" - "The long way of the greens", published in 2003.


quote: "Die heutige Jugend orientiere sich eher an konservativen Idealen; die Hoffnung, dass junge Menschen zwangsläufig systemkritisch – also grün – wählen, bestätige sich nicht. Die Folge sei eine langsame Überalterung der grünen Wählerschaft, die die Autoren heute in der Altersgruppe zwischen 40 und 50 Jahren verorten. Darüber hinaus verliere die Partei seit ihrem Regierungseintritt auch Teile des 68er-Stammklientels,..."

The leftist writer remarks that todays youth is more orientated towards conservative ideals, and green voters are around 40 to 50 years old - they are dying away, not the conservative voters...

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