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Here is a different view of one of those leftist organizations some here are both members of and support.

….Yes, U.S. troops abused and humiliated prisoners. But let's get real. There is no moral equivalence, as Amnesty seems to believe, between the United States and Britain, and the terrorists who - do not let us forget - brought this war on themselves on 9/11. And U.S. officials not only have apologized for the abuses, they're also prosecuting those responsible.
This kind of excess by Amnesty International is unfortunate because elsewhere in its 339-page report the group performs the kind of human-rights monitoring for which it is justifiably highly regarded. But its hysterical anti-U.S. preface ensures that those in charge of the war on terror won't read farther. The statement's only value is to serve as a reminder on this Memorial Day weekend of how knee-jerk disdain for America has warped so many international institutions

For those of you who might wish to read the rest of the article it is most interesting in the comparisons it makes. Here is the link. I might add most Americans will not get past the first page either.


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