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Aha……now I see what you are saying President Bush’s policies are failing on job creation. Well he is now both evil and stupid. But then most Americans are stupid. Klink more or less told me that He said you eurolanders were very smart and could deal with all the complexities and Americans could not.

Well somewhere I am missing something. It has to do with this support for you dearly beloved leader and his party.

President Bush reduced taxes and regulations. This is bad. I know this is not the “German Way” People should not have money to spend as they buy foolish things. The motherland knows best that is the “German Way.”

So what President Bush should be doing is follow the teaching of your dearly beloved leader and the party of the SPD. That would mean more regulations on business, more taxes, and more social benefits.

I do have to admit this does seem to be working well in the fatherland or is that motherland. But your dearly beloved leader has told you it will work. He just needs more time. I think making demands on him is most unfair. This would create a form of expectation and this is surely not the "German Way". Trust your elites and support the party of the people and your dearly beloved leader.

I think these polls are nothing more than lies. It is that evil Bush.

human being the scholar you are and the leader you are proving to be maybe you could, as a favor to a comrade, arrange your dearly beloved leader to teach that stupid and evil Bush what is the best way to get his economy headed in the right direction. This would be the direction that the dearly beloved leader is taking the fatherland.

You did that last cheer so well I think you should do it again. This is a more complex cheer but you eurolanders are so superior I could not trust Sandy to do this...

Now go for it..........

Bush is Evil.

Long live the dearly beloved leader.

We are on the way to the promise land.

Follow the “German Way”

** Bush is also stupid too.**


I have found it is best not to confuse the eurolanders with facts. It makes them grummpy.

Besides facts are not important. They are not part of the "German Way".

Sandy, do you think human has the potential to be an elite?

I think he does.

Sorry about not giving you that last cheer to lead it was very complex.

And did you repent for you last posting?



I am not sure that either civics or for that matter ecomoics apply in the fatherland. They are concerns of only those stupid Americans and that evil Bush.

They are not part of the "German Way". Remember the "German Way" the fatherland gives and takes

All one must do is to follow the dearly beloved leader. He is going to take all us comrades to the promise land.



May I call you comrade?

Comrade human,

Your own government believed Iraq had WMD's. Of course given the history of your government, I can understand why you might not believe that.

BUT there is a new era in the fatherland, there is the new "German Way" lead by your dearly beloved leader.

I do not think you will be an elite if you fail to believe all that your government is telling you.

This I know is difficult. But just remember....

Bush is Evil
Bush is stupid.

Long live the dearly beloved leader.

Kerry is good.

The "German Way" will lead us to the promise land.

BTW you were impressive leading that last cheer. Comrade to comrade I am so proud of you.

Comrade human,

The post on Mai 15, 2004 11:49 nachm was mine.

I did not want to confuse you. Please forgive me. Remember I am just a stupid American.

Just go through today thinking how stupid I am and how evil Bush is.

OK, I will repent and shout three times Bush is evil.

Bush is Evil
Bush is Evil
Bush is Evil

I feel so much better now. I now understand why you eurolanders like shouting that so much.

I am beginning to understand the "German Way".

I hope your dearly beloved leader will think kindly of me.

Comrade human

You used a term I did not find in my understanding of the "German Way" Here let me quote you........."France and Germany not creating jobs is not okay, not by a long shot. Both countries urgently need reform"

As you know being an American by euroland standards I am stupid. So let us just take one word and defind it. I do not want to get confused by your scholarly approach to this.

Please define "urgently". Thank you.

And is the definition you are going to post the same as used by your dearly beloved leader?

Bush is Evil.


I grovel for forgiveness! I will get with the program...

Bush....is....NO! I can't do it!


But, Joe,

1. I don't know if he is American.

2. If he is not, then he is a worldly, erudite, knowledgeable European or citizen of "the world." As we have been told for decades, "the world" knows our history better than we do. Therefore, they should be experts on our Constitution and not make such rudimentary mistakes. After all, the posting was in English and since The Constitution is in English, olde and new, he must have read it himself already.

Sandy/Joe, I think human said she wasn't German, but married to a German. Or maybe that was someone else.


A wise decision by Comrade human. To become part of the new "German Way". Securing her future.



I am thinking. I do not know how to reply. I found you last post confusing. I do not understand why you refuse to follow the "German Way" or the dearly beloved leader.



Of course you post will be ignored. It deals with facts . Facts make eurolanders grummpy.


Sleepy, that's Gabi, IIRC.


Trust you had a nice weekend in TN.

It seems when one must defend the morale high ground it is not as easy as it would appaer when you are challenged.

Have a great week

Be safe



Via Bruce Bartlett's TrendMacro (he's a conservative economist)


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its latest semi-annual report today. Overall, the news is good. It forecasts real GDP growth of 4.7 percent for the U.S. this year, well more than double the 1.6 percent estimate for the Euro area. Unemployment is expected to average 5.5 percent in the U.S., with inflation at 1.7 percent.

The OECD views the potential growth rate of the U.S. economy to be 3.25 percent, which seems low given the performance of productivity in recent years. Oddly, the OECD sees productivity falling from 4.1 percent this year to 2.1 percent next year. This is partly explained by rising employment. Nevertheless, I think it is too low.


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