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What a stupid post.

Some of us here know this is of little interest to the citizens of euroland. It surely is not important to the beloved dear leader.

Besides these are facts. We do not use facts but use igronace and emotions. You just do not have a clear understanding of your posters.

Oops, I misspoke. It is important enough to take the morale high ground that these acts are bad. It is not important enough to do anything about it.

So the beloved dear leader will just say some harsh words condemning these acts. You know here in euroland words are really actions. The Germans believe it because their beloved dear leader tells them that. This is the “German Way.”

But Saddam was only bad. Bush is evil.

So all together ……..

Bush is Evil.

Anyone have a link to these? Other than Roger's report.

Interesting timing. Why not three weeks earlier? Someone could be reading Davids blog and have picked up the idea to run "counter-stories"? Yeah, Saddam was bad. So is Kim Jong-Il or the Chinese Government.
(Al Hurra is located near Washington and financed by US-congress)

Note from David: Glad you mention it, Klink. Torture under Saddam - another Bush lie!


We have a Preisdent. You have a dearly beloved leader. You have had lots of things in your history. We have only had a President.

I see you wish me harm. Is this too part of the "German Way"?

I only hope for your happiness and sucess.

Maybe you could get your dearly beloved leader to explain the "German Way". I am sure that more than an American might want to understand it. I bet the Brits would be interested as well as the Poles.

Oh, where else did you guys go sowing your seeds of the future?

BTW Does your dearly beloved leader know you are watching such things as Dirty Harry. This sounds not in keeping with the "German Way".

And let me join you to show that I am not offended by your harsh language.

Let's show unity and friendship.......Klink please join in.....

All together now.....

Bush is Evil

Long live the dearly beloved leader

Kerry is good

I hope this brings a smile to your face.



It is hard for me to believe this too. These awful things being said about Saddam. None of this is in the NYT or the WP. I did not see it on CNN. Surely if it were true it would be in the German media. That is the "German Way/"

I think it is a lie. I bet it is a lie. If it is not reported by Big Media it is a lie. I am sure we all can agree with this.

Let us not get side tracked by that David. He wants us to lose our focus.

We are strong. We follow the "German Way" We are the future of euroland


Bush is Evil

Saddam is good. It is all a Bush lie.


I read your post and found it to be so touching.

To think you worry about my health. It is so thoughtful of you to care about me. Your comments mean so much to me.

I know this care and concern is also part of the "German Way"

Thank you so much.

It is good comrade, I hope you will allow me to call you that. I think your dearly beloved leader would approve, don't you?

It is good we can all join hands and shout together.....

Bush is Evil

Long live the dearly beloved leader.

Saddam is good. It was all a lie.

Comrade Klink

Saddam was bad. So is Kim Jong-Il or the Chinese Government.

That almost sounds as if it is a value judgement. I did not think citizens of euroland did those things. Is that too part of the "German Way"?

I thought Bush was the only one who was to be judged. This is shocking coming from you.


Bush is Evil.

Comrade Amihasser

A WAR ON EVOLUTION and excellent idea. Then at some future point there would be Americans just like you. Think of that.

We then all could follow your dearly beloved leader and the path of the new "German Way"

You are so inspiring.....Amihasser

And I have learned so much from you. The most important thing is that.......

Bush is Evil.

Also via Roger Simon - some good things which you won't see in any Germany paper either:


...On the road to the residents’ house we passed near the coalition base in Samawa; the striking and ugly feature of this base, like any other one is, the concrete wall that surrounds it. These walls initiate a sensation of fear in the hearts and a feeling that there’s a huge block between the people and the coalition. I understand the security necessity of these walls but they still form an unpleasant sight for everyone, except this particular one. The coalition forces here invited all the kids-and their parents-in the neighborhood for a special festival, the kids were given paints and brushes and a definite area of the wall was assigned for each kid to paint on whatever he likes and to sign his painting with his/her name. I leave it for you to imagine how this hateful wall looked like after this festival. It became a fascinating huge painting that gives a feeling of brotherhood and friendship. These paintings eliminated all the psychological walls between the folks and the coalition here.
At the end of the festival, gifts were given to each kid; toys, clothes, candies…
You can’t imagine how happy the kids were when they stood proudly pointing at their paintings; flowers, birds, hands shaking and the flags of Iraq and the coalition countries, and then pointing to their names; Zahra, Mohammed, Sajjad, Fatima… together with phrases like; yes for peace, Saddam has fallen and many others. No one can watch this without having tears filling his eyes and I feel sorry that I couldn’t take pictures for this carnival, as I wasn’t there when it happened, but the people there told me the whole story....

Sandy, please. Everyone knows Iraq is worse off now then it was with Saddam. There were no children painting on walls because the whole country is in chaos with the "general uprising" or something. That Iraqi writing that blog doesn't know what's going on there, I only trust what German critics say about the situation in Iraq.

Last year, I have read a few articles about videos of Saddamite mass torture circulating freely in Iraq. The reporters watched those videos and described several of the scenes. So this is not new, although it wasn´t widely reported. What´s new is that they might be widely available soon.

No, none of this excuses what happened at Abu Ghraib. That´s not the point. But since the press seems to think we have to see those other pictures week after week, they must be less discriminating in what they show the public and what they keep under cover.

And quite obviously the media are not doing their job quite as enthusiastically when it comes to reporting the crimes of our enemies. Actually that is an understatement. I don´t care about the timing. At worst, this anwers one media campaign with another - too little, too late, if you ask me.


As I guess you're reading the postings carefully I'm afraid you know that the deep love of our nation to our dearly beloved leader needs some improvement. But may be the poll numbers do not reflect the reality.

Here some information on the German way:
1. German politicians would NEVER EVER lie!
2. Particularly during election campaigns German politicians not only just NEVER EVER lie, they also make all possible efforts to tell the whole truth, including all facts which could possible cost them votes.
3. That goes for the media as well (except that "votes" should be "subscribers").

For your education:
1. George W. Bush is an agent of the KGB, sorry FSB, and he only removed Saddam because he knew to much.
2. George W. Bush and Rummy personally tortured Kofi Annan to make his son scam money from the oil for food program, so as to make sure the US can show how evil the UN is.


Please do not make me worry about you. Such comments are not keeping with the “German Way.” There are those here would think such comments are subversive.

You might need to be reeducated. Might I suggest contacting Comrade Amihasser? His brilliance is simply stunning. Plus he is kind. He worries about my health.


As you seem to be interested in the German way, here some more vital information:
The German way is in fact a motorway, called Autobahn. So my word of advise is: If you want to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, you MUST build some Autobahns. It worked in Germany, so why should it fail in Iraq? It even worked for Erich Honecker, the former leader of East-Germany. Though when he had finished the Autobahns, he discovered the were built upright, so he had to use troops to prevent us from driving on his present. The majority of people however, appreceated the effort, which you can see by his poll numbers. They never dropped below 99%. Schröders failure in this field could break his neck. Though his opponents seem to underestimate the importance of the issue, so they are doomed to lose again.

Iraq has already highways.

There were some strange discoveries in Bagdad post-Saddam. People all in Iraq found secret highways only for Saddam´s family where they can ride Ferraris while the people died.


No there is another "German Way".

The dearly beloved leader used this expression not very long ago. It sent shudders throught a large part of Europe.

I am sure Comrade Klink can google it up for us.



As comparisons of politicians to Hitler are generally not used to the extent they should be used (I think it should be made compulsory to make one a day at least) you could also refer to the beloved leader as "Friedenskanzler, a term which was applied to Hitler up to 1939, when it turned out to be slightly inaccurate.

Ah yes, those highways reserved for the ruling class - they had that in Moscow, too.

Samir al-Iraqi,
Saddam will get what he deserves, far too late however. You know which countries put in a high stake to liberate Iraq and which ones chose not to do so. Too bad I cannot be proud of my country when it comes to this. But hell, you can't always get what you want.


Would this word be the correct one to refer to today's dearly beloved leader?


Comrade Amihasser

Yes lack of sleep is awful. I am sure you fear it. So best for you to go to bed now. I hope you do not have nightmares..... but if you do......you know what do

Just shout

Bush is Evil.

This will drive away the fears you have. This and the dearly beloved leader will protect you.

You guys are starting to have waaaayyyy too much fun w/this.


Actually this is more fun than being a moonshine salesman at a UT game...



So all along I have gotten this all wrong about the"German Way". The Chancellor was really talking about your wonderful system of highways.

How silly of me to read that a different way. But Jens, remember I am only a stupid American and complex issues escape me.

Your observations about the candidates from the various parties in Germany are as the Brits say "spot on".

From reading some of the comments here about Preisdent Bush and Rummy, it would seem the German elites have nailed them to as to what they are. Of course, then that is why they are elites.

I believe you will be given an opportunity to once again be proud of your country. German can continue to lead the battle to free the American people. I think victory is in sight.

The effort of your elites to help destory the "root causes" which are so ingrained in so much of the American population is worth of the war that is being waged. Victory will not only result in a waaken US but one which will finally submit to the UN. This is a worthy goal. To see both france and German leading this charge should make all of Europe and all Europeans proud. These are the true allies of freedom.


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