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LOL - nice observation about the biography. I suppose the well-mannered diplomats at the Ministry were hesitant to copy stuff like:

1968-1975 Mitglied der Gruppe Revolutionärer Kampf (RK)

from Fischer's personal website here.His own website also contains his famous parliamential quote: "With all due respect, Mr. President: You are an asshole!" At least he isn't in denial himself (even mentions the beating and stone-throwing on his site)

Note from David: Klink, thanks for the link. Didn't know about the site. Yet, it's not his "personal website". It's a propaganda site from his Green party, clearly meant to counter allegations of a cover-up. The site's copyright lists "2002" as starting date - well after the revelations of 2001.

Did Joschka Fischer ever work for Carlos the Terrorist? Check this out!

Berlin’s New Anti-American Axis
Fischerism spreads.

By Ion Mihai Pacepa

On February 10, 2003, the government of Germany began building a new, anti-American Berlin-Moscow-Paris Axis. As one of the former Soviet bloc experts on German matters (and chief of a bloc intelligence station in West Germany), I had been waiting for something like that to happen ever since October 1998, when Joschka Fischer became Germany's foreign minister.

Fischer is an indirect product of the old anti-American intelligence community to which I once belonged. In 1975 Libya's dictator, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, informed Romania's tyrant, Nicolae Ceausescu — through me — that he was preparing a terrorist attack against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and asked my boss to provide him with blueprints of OPEC's temporary headquarters in Vienna. Ceausescu agreed, and the Romanian espionage service (the DIE) complied. The December 1975 takeover of OPEC's headquarters in Vienna resulted in the seizure of 60 OPEC officials and staff members as hostages. The kidnapping was organized by Qaddafi and the infamous Ilich Ramírez Sánchez — "Carlos" or "the Jackal."

Twenty-two years later, Carlos was arrested in Khartoum, Sudan, by the French counterintelligence service (DST), with whose director, Yves Bonnet, I had earlier cooperated after leaving Romania. Carlos was immediately taken to Paris, where he was charged with killing two French police officers in 1979; he was sentenced to life in prison. During interrogation, Carlos asserted that his deputy for the OPEC operation had been German terrorist Hans Joachim Klein, codenamed "Angie," who had killed an OPEC security man and an Austrian policeman during that attack. Carlos also testified that the weapons used for the OPEC operation had been kept in an apartment in Frankfurt/Main, where Klein was then living with two other "red revolutionaries" of those days, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Joschka Fischer.

In 2000, Klein, who was a fugitive, was also arrested by the French DST. He was deported to Germany, where he was charged with abetting Carlos's OPEC terrorist operation, and he cooperated with the prosecution. According to Klein, on December 17, 1975 — four days before the attack — the terrorists led by Carlos had met with officials of the Libyan embassy in Vienna, who provided the blueprints of the building and the security details, which had been passed to them by my DIE. (The DIE had an agent in Vienna who had access to this information.) "The fact that the necessary information about the [OPEC] conference building came from Libya convinced me that the action could be carried out," Klein testified during his trial. Klein was sentenced to only nine years in prison, since he had aided investigators.

Joschka Fischer, who testified as a character witness at Klein's trial in 2001, refuted as "grotesque" the allegation that the arms used in the OPEC attack had been kept in the apartment he shared with Hans Joachim Klein and Daniel Cohn-Bendit (currently a member of the European Parliament). I have reason to question Fischer's statement. In a January 1976 thank-you message to Ceausescu — also sent through me — Qaddafi had emphasized that Carlos's OPEC operation would not have been possible without the help of the DIE (which had provided the blueprints of OPEC headquarters) and a "West German revolutionary group in Frankfurt/Main" (which had provided Carlos with both manpower and arms). (In giving me the message, Qaddafi, who knew I had at one time been stationed in Frankfurt/Main as chief of the DIE's West German station, specifically called my attention to the mention of "your" Frankfurt.)

After Carlos was arrested by the DST, German journalist Bettina Roehl (daughter of the late Ulrike Meinhof, co-leader of the terrorist Baader-Meinhof organization) revealed that Fischer did indeed belong to a Frankfurt/Main terrorist group during the 1970s. She also provided pictures showing a helmeted Fischer beating a German police officer during an April 7, 1973, violent demonstration in Frankfurt/Main. The pictures show Fischer fighting side by side with Klein, Carlos's deputy in the 1975 attack on the OPEC headquarters in Vienna. In 2002, after these photographs had been authenticated by the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Fischer publicly apologized to the beaten police officer. Bettina Roehl also disclosed that Fischer had been the main advocate of using petrol bombs in a 1976 demonstration in which a policeman almost died of terrible burns. This information was also vehemently denied by the German foreign minister.

Veteran German terrorist Margrit Schiller asserted in her book Es war ein harter Kampf um meine Erinnerung that in the 1970s, Fischer had been in contact with illegal members of the Red Army Faction (RAF) in Frankfurt/Main (a terrorist organization my DIE station was at the time supporting with information and money), and that he had thrown stones at representatives of West Germany's pro-American government. Once again, Fisher has denied both accusations. But Schiller, who in the 1970s belonged to the RAF, remembers staying in 1973 at the Frankfurt apartment of "Herr Fischer and Daniel Cohn-Bendit," having breakfast with Fischer, and going on a pub crawl with him. In October 2002, Fischer was asked by a German prosecutor about this statement — but he dodged the question, replying simply that his flat had not been a hostel for terrorists.

A 1997 semi-official biography of Joschka Fischer, by Sibylle Krause-Burger, indirectly confirms that Fischer was also involved in hurling stones at West German authorities. These were not spontaneous demonstrations — they were all financed by the Soviet bloc foreign-intelligence community, including my own DIE when I was at its helm. Krause-Burger's book describes how, in a public debate held in 1974 with the Young Socialist functionary Kartsen Voight, Fischer defended throwing stones at the "representatives of the system" as being a legitimate defense against the tyranny of the (West German) government. It is significant that Voight is now responsible for relations with the U.S. in Fischer's ministry of foreign affairs.

It may never be possible to prove "beyond the shadow of a doubt" Joschka Fischer's connection with the Soviet KGB, but I do know that the KGB — and my DIE — was financing West Germany's anti-American terrorist movements in the 1970s, while I was still in Romania. Fischer's evidently ingrained anti-Americanism is now spreading throughout the German government, and beyond. This is a monumental display of ingratitude to the 405,399 American soldiers who gave their lives to defeat Berlin's old Axis, as well as to the millions of American taxpayers who spent trillions of dollars to rebuild Germany's war-torn economy and to protect West Germany from falling into Communist clutches.

— General Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc. He is currently finishing a new book, Red Roots: The Origins of Today's Anti-Americanism.

"Amnesty wirft britischen Truppen Mord vor

Soldaten sollen in Irak Zivilisten getötet haben, ohne selbst bedroht zu sein / Militärpolizei blieb meist untätig

Britische Soldaten in Südirak sollen in einigen Fällen Zivilisten erschossen haben, ohne in diesem Augenblick selbst großer Gefahr ausgesetzt zu sein. Dies behauptet Amnesty International in einem Bericht über "Morde an Zivilisten in Basra und al-'Amara", der der Frankfurter Rundschau vorliegt.


Das finde ich gerade in der Frankfurter Rundschau. Auf der website von ai finde ich allerdings nur "killing". Im deutschen Recht unterscheidet man zwischen Mord und Totschlag. Killing in diesem Fall mit Mord zu übersetzen halte ich für falsch. Daß Mord murder heißt, sollte doch Herr Paasch wissen. Oder will er es nicht? Nur ein Detail. Aber es reiht sich ein in eine unendliche Reihe falscher Übersetzungen und Interpretationen.



Die Übersetzung mag falsch sein, die juristische Einschätzung des geschilderten Sachverhalts dagegen nicht. Die von ai behauptete Tötung wäre juristisch als Mord anzusehen.
Dennoch denke ich, Herr Paasch wollte sich nicht um eine juristisch korrekte Subsumtion bemühen, ihm ging es eher um den spektakuläreren Begriff "Mord". Macht den Artikel doch gleich mal schärfer.

"Those responsible for this humiliation and abuse must be investigated and punished," Fischer told the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel over the weekend. The comments are Fischer's first over a widening scandal, which apparently involved systematic human rights abuses by U.S. forces at Iraqi prisons.

Todays news: Moabit – Er gestand unter Tränen: Dietmar S. (40) hat vor mehr als 17 Jahren als DDR-Grenzer auf einen Flüchtling geschossen. Mit dem Prozess gegen S. kann die Berliner Justiz das Kapitel "Mauerschützen" endlich abschließen.

I guess Mr Fischer isn't to upset about these calming german news.

ich denke, gabis zweifel an der einschaetzung als mord ist korrekt. ich habe versucht, den ai-artikel in die eine oder andere richtung zu interpretieren, unter zuhilfenahme der definitionen für mord bzw. totschlag gemäß der deutschen rechtsauffassung (laienhaft natürlich), konnte aber nicht eindeutig zu einer meinung finden, ob mord oder totschlag vorliegt. vorsatz wird für beides gefordert, bei mord muß aber noch ein niedriger beweggrund oder heimtücke nachgewiesen werden. vielleicht ist das nachweisbar, vielleicht aber auch nicht. außerdem kann es sein, daß hier das völkerrecht herangezogen werden muß.
ai hat sich bewußt vorsichtig ausgedrückt (was der journalist nicht mußte). ich bin nicht der meinung, daß solche fehlübersetzungen systematisch in der deutschen presse vorkommen, um propagandistisch zu wirken. in diesem fall hier wollte der journalist eben 'klartext' reden.

...mir kommt bei der ganzen Sache nur der biblische Spruch von dem Splitter und dem Balken in den Sinn...

PS: Mord beinhaltet immer einen Tatvorsatz.

@no comment

Das Mordmerkmal der "Heimtücke" ist erfüllt, wenn die Wehr- und Arglosigkeit des Opfers bewußt zur Tat ausgenutzt wird. Der zielgerichtete Gewehrschuss aus 60 m Entfernung (Tötung des Mädchens) könnte darunter zu verstehen sein, aber
im Zweifel ist das hier wohl zu verneinen. Der Soldat habe angegeben, es handelte sich um einen fehlgeleiteten Warnschuß, in dubio pro reo...

Ich folge eher deiner Einschätzung auch im Übigen.
Die anderen relevanten Medien nutzten bei ihrer Übersetzung des ai-Berichtes auch den Begriff des "Tötens" und nicht des "Mordens"


PS: Mord beinhaltet immer einen Tatvorsatz.

Nichts anderes gilt für "Totschlag"! Auch hier bedarf es eines Vorsatzes. Fehlt dieser käme noch die fahrlässige Tötung in Betracht.

Das Wort "killing" dürfte im Übrigen in der amerikanischen Rechtsordnung kein juristischer Begriff sein. Eher: "murder" in verschiedenen Abstufungen und "manslaughter".

Well with a little bit of luck it will be a slow news day and Herr Fischer can express the full and complete moral outrage of the German people about US military prisoner abuse. Hopefully his remarks on this topic will have the widest possible dissemination to the American people.

I have a suggestion to the editors of this blog. A while back, Der Spiegel gave its readers an opportunity to vote on George Bush's performance. I suggest that the readers of this blog get to choose who's worse, Lynddie England, the infamous Hundeleine girl, or all of Joschka Fishcer's Kumpen and former roommates.

The voteing contest would look like this: Pick from the following list the person that you think is the most reprehensible.

Lynddie England - laughted at a naked Iraqi's penis

Ulrike Meinhof - killed a few German policeman and perhaps an American GI or 2

Andreas Baader - kidnapped and murdered a German businessman, killed a few policeman.

Hans Jochim Klein - Assited master Terrorist Carlos in the take over of the Opec Minister's summit - killed a Austrian few cops.

Daniel Cohn Bendit - Gastwirt, along with his roommate Joschka, for various terroist visting their apartment in Frankfurt, including the PLO/RAF group that hijacked the Air France flight to Entebbe, Uganda. Recently voted immunity by his fellow lefties in the EU parliment for whatever crimes and misdemeanors that he and Joseph, I mean Joschka were involved in.

Only one vote per person, and this means you Klink.

So what happened on Joschka Fischer's visit? I haven't read anything about it.



Noch ein Nachtrag zum älteren Beitrag:

Die Metamorphose Fischer (zuerst Gewalttäter - dann hohe Politik) gibt es auch anders herum:

Zuerst Hohe Politik - dann Gewalttäter:
Ein ehemalige Grüne Bundestagsabgeordneter Thomas Wüppesahl macht Schlagzeilen als verhinderter Raubmörder:


Die dritte Generation der grünen Führungskräfte ist vielleicht schon im Wachsen:
Erst Bundestagsabgeordneter, dann ein Intermezzo als Raubmörder, zu guter letzt Außenminister.

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