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Here's another Iraqi guy's observation:


It was enormously refreshing to read Mohammed's thoughts on Iraq's development. This is in stark contrast to the German media's take on Iraq. German and other European elites want the US to fail in Iraq. They don't seem to understand the consequences such a development may have on them.


I happen to agree with you. I for one believe we are past of the point of war and no war. We should be past the point of trying to score politial points.

I am afraid we are not there yet in the US. I cannot see how Europe could be expected to some how jump ahead of the US, in both understanding and in internal and external agreement on moving forward as one.

As an American, I have actually tired to look into the future and guess what it might like. It is scary. It as scary and maybe even more scary for Europe intially than the US. But whether we like it or not, whether we want to believe it or not, we are really all in this together. We will have to fight as one or we are going to be defeated singularly. If we do not change this is going to be the outcome. I do not think anyone in the West truly wants this. I just refuse to believe they do.

I cannot think of how any sane person no matter what their initial position on Iraq might have been would want anything less than some form of real success there.

A weaken US leaves Europe with the only option but to surrender. This would not of course happen immediately but in time say 10 - 15 years.

We, collcetively, have no sense of time, no perspective, no reading and understanding of history. But we fight among ourselves on almost non issues.

A bomb cares not what you are. It will kill you just the same.


I very much appreciate the theme of your blog, and I think in general you have a valid point. I’d like to address a question to you, in keeping with this particular subject:

It seems to me that you are saying that the situation in Iraq isn’t so bad, and the slanted media is to blame for reporting too much of the bad news, and not enough of the good.

On the whole, I think this may be valid, though even so, the good news seems a little overstated in reaction to all the bad news (phone, electricity, sewage treatment are almost up to pre-war levels, but the liberators are torturing people to extract confessions of rape...). But patience is the order of the day. Things may well improve. On the bright side, yes, there have been local elections - whether they are perceived as an achievement of the coalition is another question, since they were scheduled for last year and were canceled by the coalition. I don't know what circumstances led to them finally being held, but I'm not so sure the coalition received credit for them in the mind of the Iraqi public.

I presume that Iraqis on the ground are in the best position to judge whether they feel better under one of three sets of circumstances: under Saddam (nope)/under US... well let’s call it “presence” to avoid the whole “occupation/liberation” question/without either Saddam or the US “presence”.

The overwhelming vote among Iraqis, according to current polls, appears to be for the third option, which is, to put it bluntly: “Thank you for removing Saddam, but can you please leave?”

Iraqis on the ground can see first hand the results of the US “presence”; they’re in the best position to judge the situation around them. And they don’t seem to like the current situation all that much – they want the coalition out of their hair.

These people are faced not just with the media, but with the plain reality of today’s Iraq each and every day.

The question I have is this:

Why isn’t the good news that we’re missing getting through even to the Iraqis, who really only have to look out their windows to see how things are going?

I know your blog generally concerns itself with German media, but it appears to me your overwhelming focus is American politics, and melding US politics and your knowledge of the media leads me to wonder if you have any insights into this subject.

more... :Why isn’t the good news that we’re missing getting through even to the Iraqis

You got it wrong, again. Start with reading Iraqi blogs.

If you manage to be open-minded enough, not "open-minded" like German journalists, you might find out how Iraqis feel. Then, of course, as Roger Simon says, those Iraqi blogers might be CIA...


I do read Iraqi blogs, and a wide variety of blogs in general.

Why are the overwhelming majority not happy with the coalition forces when they are doing such a good job at reconstruction? Why is the positive message not getting through to them?

Ask the people whose blogs you're reading.

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