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Nothing can be added to this. David Frum said it all, in fact he didn't say much, he just pointed out the obvious.

Noam Chomsky, American, friend of a Holocaust denier gets a prize named after an anti-Nazi personality, a German. Chomsky is rewarded for his "work" against totalitarism. Not against Nazi totalitarism, mind you, but against American "totalitarism", which, by the way, never led to a Holocaust.

So maybe American "totalitarism" should lead to a Holocaust that Chomsky could then deny, thus getting another prize for this "work" against...hmmmm...maybe, Islamist totalitarism. Maybe not. Sorry, I lost the logic of it...

Heck, I wanna be elite too ! People listening to you, no matter what you say... The more crap you let out, the more people will worship it. People worshiping my crap, just like flies... The stinkier the crap, the higher the chances to get a prize. Wow, I should have gotten into the elite business !

What do I Know:

Living close to Chomsky's home base, (Cambridge, MA), I can vow that he is a minor celebrity for the elites in these parts. Chomsky runs somewhere between John Kerry's butler (man friend) and Ben Aflack's high school girl friend. (No, it is not Matt Damon!)

The elitest celebrity de jour here is Margarette Marshall. She is chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that brought about gay marriage this week. Marshall is married to NY Times dinosaur Anthony Lewis and immigrated from South Africa after "fighting apartheid" as a student activist. She coined the phrase, "marriage is an involving paradigm."

Just the thought of "Noam Chomsky - Honoured in Germany" cracks me up. :D

At the risk of plugging the same book over and over (I swear I don't get a commission!), Paul Berman does a good job of dealing with Chomsky in his recent book Terror & Liberalism (also available in German).

What do I Know:

There is something right with your comment on elites and their crap people listen to. But let us not forget another idiot: Francis Fukuyama. Some years ago he saw the "end of history", today he writes about his neo-manicheistic view of the world: "Islamo-fascism" is a rather foolish neologism that makes clear Fukuyama has no clue of neither fascism nor islam.
I think this blog might profit from an overall discussion/ beating of "elite" cretins - no matter, what side they are on.

i read an article recently, that dealt with smart people and their positions.
basically, the smarter, the more intelligent you are, the crazier the political positions you are able to defend. in political discussions, facts dont really matter. its the rhetoric, the words that really make an impression on the viewers. so, smart people are not always right, they can just pull arguments out of their buttoms.

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