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Most people find it difficult to comprehend the suffering involved in mass killings. We barely flinch when we hear about the existence of mass graves with 1,000 or 2,000 bodies. But, stories like this can really touch someone's heart. Hopefully, more and more stories like this one will appear to help us comprehend the depth of suffering experienced by the Iraqi people. Maybe, these stories will help others to understand the importance of this war. Please, more stories about the selflessness and generosity of the American army.

There were also roughly 3,600 men who had fled service in the Iraqi army who had their right ears all hacked off for this desertion.
The physical pain is evident of course, but the psycho-social effects of strolling around the country with your right ear missing has been inssanley tough for all. All 3,600 will have reconstructed ears by this fall courtesy of the US army surgeons.
Rumor has it that germany MAY go out on a limb and extend itself bravely in order to "make it's contribution" by providing a few pairs of rubber gloves for the operations.
That's modern germany, impressing the world with her skills once again.

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