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It's a bind.

The US doesn't really need them, but there are consequences to distancing from the BRD. The BRD (wether they need us or not, depending on what they're trying to do) can publicly snipe at us and pander to the German public, and there is nothing we can do.

If a terrorist attack effects Germany, we will be held responsible. If we do or not do anything corrective after that, we will be held responsible.

In the mean time the European public's universe shrinks to include little more than their own narcissism, crappy pop culture, blame, envy, recreational compassion, and recreational hatred.

They remind me of a nation who's temprament resemble the personality of a spoiled adolescent. Knowing just enough to march against something, but with no idea what causes it, or how to correct it.

Here this is German mainstream. Biased against Israel and very much against the USA. It is available in English and German. Here is the English version. When you read this, you will understand why so many Germans think we should stop our relationship with the USA. In this report the West is represented by the USA when the West is to critisize. Much to read, I know. Title: The West and the Muslim World. The report says for example, that the Middle-East conflict started with the occupation by Israel.

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