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hey folks-
How can a country that can only afford to send 2000 troops to afghanistan, have no helicoptors to even contribute and not be able to contain any conflict in it's own region such as Kosovo with out US help, then think it has the "prestige and capabilities" to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council?
With those capabilities- what is it you would be able to "secure"? Start with any measure of success in Kosovo, show you have ability and commitment and logistical capabilities (without US help), and then you perhaps could begin these negotiations. The UN just begged the US for 1. something billion USD to remodel the UN building. They wanted the money interest free from the US taxpayers. The US offered a 5.6% terms to the UN, and they said no.
They found an old flight recorder in a desk at the UN that the thought MAY have something to do with the Rwandan presidents murder and a war that killed 800,000+ as a result of french bungling and duplicity. Now the UN has billions stashed away from milking the Iraqi people in the oil for food program under direct "control" of koffi annan. Yet those in the "eu" treasure this US built insitution that has fully lost it's original focus and charter.
Would an entry by germany into the security council affect the overall UN mission in anyway positive? I would welcome any comments that might describe what it is that germany can offer in this potential role.

How vulgar - the EU wants three seats on the security council, but a billion Indians cant.
How can they be so stupid as to believe that another alphabet soup talking shop will substitute for being a brave adult?

Maybe Germany can have the US's seat, after the US withdraws from the UN.

What's German for "chutzpah"?

Ein neuer Umfragespass:

Someone please sneak in there, and hide Schroeder's crack pipe before he turns europe into a giant bonfire.

Nein - one EU one seat.

Why not make the Frogs, excuse me Frenchies share their seats with the rest of the sniveling European elitist bastards?

Germany has done nothing even remotely close to deserve a permanent seat on the Security Council. Try again when they've stopped brown-nosing with the Islamofascist regimes, and when they have a military that isn't a complete joke.

A maority of the American people would provide a handsome financial reward to any country that would volunteer to host the disgraced UN and make sure it gets the living hell out of NYC and off of US soil.
Then a "League of Democracies" could be established wherby only countries who embraced liberty and democracy would have a membership.
In short- it is insane to have an orginization such as the UN exist when it has a country like Libya on it's Human Rights Commitee. The current ideological makeup of the UN has destroyed the very fabric of it's original charter.

Normally it is best to just put forth a link to relevant info on a blog. This time I feel that Denis Boyles speaks a million truths in a recent NRO article and it is quite relevant to this discussion and the overall blog. So with the link I'll also provide excerpts-
"With the Spanish surrender now in place, and with the EU determined to create a massive anti-American defense force with reasoning and negotiating skills far beyond than those enjoyed by normal men, it's obvious that America's real enemies aren't within 1,000 miles of Baghdad. They're in downtown Europe. According to the Pew Center, who conducted the IHT poll, Old Europe's hatred of America is deep and growing and, if you ask me, permanent. John Vinocur, writing in the IHT, insists, based on the recent comments of government officials that there's a epiphany-based thaw in German-American relations. But anti-Americanism is now as Old European as snails and raw meat. Germany is in recession, and its effort to make amends with the U.S. is based on ECONOMIC FEAR, not moral or political enlightenment. According to polls, the majority of Germans think we're "bloodthirsty" and more than 80 percent of them don't trust us. France was selling arms to Iraq until Saddam's checks started bouncing, and their interest in stability in Iraq now is limited to whatever reconstruction contracts they can grab. After decades of French-inspired hatred of America, anti-Americanism is as entrenched in the left-wing European worldview as anti-Semitism is. It's like media bias: It's so pervasive, they don't even see it any more. And it can't be turned on and off like a light. In Old Europe we are wished ill, no longer just by the governments that have inflamed anti-Americanism to gain a few extra votes, but by most (though thankfully not all) average citizens, too. They're convinced. They hate us, and not just because we're beautiful. They hate us because we scare them."
Does anyone think that ANY US adminsration current or in the future will fall for this pathetic deutsch shit?

We've always scared them.

hey sandy-
yeah the Eu was scared when US cities began to ban smoking in public bars for example.
Then it was a "nazi-like American desire for better health and control of it's populations" according to the euro press.
In the meantime the euro countries continued to destroy the health of their citizens so as to not take away the immense wealth generated from tobak taxes. Now have a look at the discussions on smoking in public bars within the "eu"....
It seems as if we'll have to wait for about 15 years and 1000s of deaths for them to see the merit of US policy. When we are dealing with the scale of potential nukes in suitcases as we are- we do not have this time available. I will not sit by and let "eu" policies kill any more americans than it already has. "eu" policies have exasperated the pal/israel issue, and it has killed millions across africa in just the last 10 years. NOW the UN bravely withdraws from Kosovo. What the hell is going on here? Are these life long bureucratic thickskulled "eu" MPs actually ballet dancers wearing lemon yellow tights that are worn only in private?
The relationship is OVER...
over that is untill the "eu" determines it cannot match the heat of it's words with practical applications and reaches for the red line to the white house..again, and again.. and again.
you're not italian by any chance are you?

Yes, sadly the entire fabric of Europe seems to be riddled with either fear or desperation! Therefore they seek to use every means at their disposal to tie the hands of the powerful USA while at the same time trying to pacify madmen and terrorist.. HEY , GUYS, WAKE UP OVER THERE !! Those tactics didn't work when you tried to pacify Hitler by giving him Poland , and they won't work when you try to give in to terrorists !! Instead of opposing the USA who is trying to help with the situation and build a safer world for everyone, I suggest you heed the cry of the righteous- Lead, follow , or GET OUT OF THE WAY !!! If you continue to suck up to the terrorists and oppose the USA , YOU may be next on the HIT PARADE !!!!!!!!

I think we should let France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Russia fix the UN/EU mess in Kosovo. Since France, Germany, and Belgium saw fit to trash NATO and the UN, I assume they are ready to run on their own. They need to build an international coalition (without me, my money, or my army) and pick up their own damned action for a change.

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