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I think your link should be named "one German Businessman: See No Evil in a Dictatorship" because some (may even be most) do see evil in dictatorship. German bank managers however, do not make the impression of knowing too well what they're doing anyway. First during internet boom they didn't like private customers anymore nor did they like companies doing just bricks and water (unless they were building oversized office blocks in German cities). Then when the IT bubble burst (so did the real estate bubble) they discovered that risk actually means you can loose your money and soon they complained about the public banking sector (that during the nice IT bubble time kept the non IT customers alive) and now they even dare calling attempts to remove the public banking sector (in order to get back the customers they didn't want in first place) "liberalisation". Is it really worth quoting those fools at all?

German banks have also been the biggest lenders to these "islands of stability": Cuba, Libya and North Korea. So, what's changed?

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