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This makes me very uncomfortable. It seems to me there is a subliminal message here: "You Germans were the source of the greatest war known to man, you engineered the Holocaust, the Soviets occupied and subjugated you and we, the Amis, after utterly defeating you, built you up, protected you, and ultimately freed you.

Be Grateful"

Now, as I have posted on other threads:

Klaus, Karl B., N. Klaric, Gabi, and yes, tn, I am just catching up with work after having been ill for far too long. Are you still interested in starting a blog or something to continue this?
Please email me, I will post this on other threads.

It's the 'Be Grateful' part I have problems with. Germans have to come to terms with their history, we can't do it for them.

Whatever humanitarian impulses were entwined with American policy toward Germany (and there were many), it is undeniable that there was 'realpolitik' driving it.

I would be embarrassed to ask a German to be grateful to America.

I want a Germany strong, vibrant and confident enough to understand the debt and to repay it by becoming a strong, vibrant and confident Germany once more.

Keep in mind: So much of America was built by Germans. There were others of course. But so many from Germany.

How can I be grateful?

Can't I just send cookies instead of approving a war I cannot approve?
A war that would do America more harm than good in my opinion?
A war that will come to haunt us all for a long time?
Yes we may not agree on these points. But do I have to vote against my conscience because almost 60 years ago Americans saved West Berlin?
And whats the expiry date for being grateful? Obviously more than 56 years, but less than 230 years. That was when the French saved the new born United States of America.

Am I just ingrateful?

I might add that Tony Blair seems to understand this:

"Iraq in March 2003 was an immensely difficult judgement. It was divisive because it was difficult. I have never disrespected those who disagreed with the decision. Sure, some were anti-American; some against all wars. But there was a core of sensible people who faced with this decision would have gone the other way, for sensible reasons. Their argument is one I understand totally. It is that Iraq posed no direct, immediate threat to Britain; and that Iraq's WMD, even on our own case, was not serious enough to warrant war, certainly without a specific UN resolution mandating military action. And they argue: Saddam could, in any event, be contained."

It does sound better than the "either you are with us..."

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