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Is it likely that someone in Germany who has an understanding of politics becomes a journalist? If so, what are his chances to get away with it?

While less a problem with the German press (it seems to affect every reporter), I still find the lack of a numerical context striking.

112 sexual harassment reports are nothing given the number of people involved. I have no idea how many people the US has in Afghanistan, but Iraq has had about 200,000 Americans in it over the past 12 months. If a corporate employer with 200,000 employees received only 112 sexual harassment claims over 18 months (not all 200,000 were there for the full 18 months, of course, but I'm not counting the Afghan deployment), they'd be very pleased with such exceptionally low results. In public they'd say, "This is a serious problem, and we can always do better," but in private they'd be positively gloating.


I suspect the 50 year H-Bomb reference is to the Bikini Atoll detonation that was the largest test by the U. S. The anniversary is being rolled out as an anniversary to reinforce U. S. guilt and shakedown the taxpayer.

Check out this article in Reason. It is based on travel last year and is a bit more pessimistic/uncertain, but from a writer who supported the war.

Faith, Shame, and Insurgency -- Life in occupied Iraq by Steve Vincent


My favorite line in the article from an Iraqi artist:

"But the removal of Saddam shows me that history can actually smile."

The message from the article: We cannot allow Iraq to fail.

>The anniversary is being rolled out as an anniversary to reinforce U. S. guilt and shakedown the taxpayer.

So shall I assume such a thing like "U. S. guilt" cannot exist, because it's only invented to "shakedown the taxpayer"? Didn't expect to hear that from a country where our industry and government constantly get blackmailed using our history in order to extort money (and I admit the guilt, but the extortion is not so easy to accept).

Jens- you call that the "blackmailing of germany"? Why try so hard to flatter your own self?
Sure, the past will be forgiven when you prove through noble valor that you, as a country, have no chance or prospect to re-create the horror of what the country of germany has given the world recently in a war that ended only 50 yrs ago.
Please do not consider the small jewish objections to a german paint firm being used to paint a Holocaust memorial, to protect against vandalism and graffiti as a form of "blackmail" when this firm was involved in development of the gas to kill jews. It is odd to begin with that you people need to protect a memorial to 6 million murder victims, but thats another issue.
If you feel uncomfortable with your country's past, you are simply paying the price for your fore fathers who did nothing to stop hitler. That image can easily be changed by your governments actions on the world stage.
You boldy proclaim on a constant basis that you have learned from your past. Well prove it then damnit!
When you see a murderous dictator amongs the worlds "leaders"- stand up and kick his ass, deny him a shower and a shave and then chase him into a hole. it's that simple.
It is a pity that image has not been fully erased from the world's minds after 50 long years.
But you know- who the hell wants to forget about 6 million murders or the perpetuators of this murder? It's best to stop these things before they grow.
It certainly is time to have a fresh and bright intellectul like Angel M to rule over the lot of you.

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