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The Spiegel already translated some of their articles into english since their cooperation with the New York Times began.
So english-speaking readers of the Online Version of the NYTimes could already "enjoy" some of their writings.

Sitting in a bar last night I made the mistake of picking up a Spiegel and reading the letters to the editor regarding Spiegel's recent "cowboy cover art" that makes Bush look like an undemocratic midget. The letters were almost unanimously in favor of bashing America. What a sad publication. I'm not one of those who accuse Spiegel of being far left; they are simply confused and primitive, and they just don't understand how their US coverage feeds anti-Americanism in Germany. Look at those letters if you don't believe in the self-congratulatory and self-certain blindness of the German America haters. And now they want to take their virulent form of wahhabi Gutmenschlichkeit on the road in English. Oy vay.

I watched an interview with Helmuth Kohl on TV a week or so ago. He stated flatly that he stopped reading the Spiegel back around 1977. Boy, I wish I had.

Yellow journalism is alive and well in Germany. Haß und Neid stehen auf dem Tagesprogramm.

Actually thats nothing really new.
They have been doing this for a while.
I think you should take a step back and relax.
Pointing too much at the Spiegel will in the end only make them more stubborn.

More stubborn? No way. They already top the scale on stubborn. I've watched this rag for 15 years. It is not going to change.

Deist, es ist leider bierernst geworden. Es ist inzwischen salonfähig Amis und andere Zivilisten zu töten. Wir können uns diesen Haß nicht mehr leisten.

"Es ist inzwischen salonfähig Amis und andere Zivilisten zu töten."


@ vasili

Kein Nonsens. Wenn FRIEDENSbewegte Geld für irakische "Widerständler" sammeln, die US-Soldaten in die Luft jagen, wenn bereits am 11. 9. 2001 die Amerikaner zunehmend selbst als Hauptschuldige dargestellt wurden, wenn die Spanier indirekt Amerika für die Anschläge in Madrid verantwortlich machen, wenn Bücher wie die eines Andreas von Bülow die Bestsellerlister toppen etc., dann befinden wir uns ganz nah an einem Abgrund, dessen Tiefe vielen ebensowenig bewußt ist, wie die Nähe zu ihm.

Vasili, just to make sure you don't think I'm some sort of extremist crank, by "salonfähig" I was not referring to mainstream Germans or other middle to left Europeans but rather to the general mood among the fellow travelers of terror. Not just in the terror cells themselves but in broad segments of the populations from where they come the attitude towards killing civilians is tolerated and approved. Furthermore, as Thomas points out, one sees similar tendencies in groups in Europe that find Palestinian terror and 9-11 type attacks "justified reactions" to perceived transgressions of Israel or America. And there are more of these types than many care to admit. I was in Europe on 9-11 and watched the recriminations and rationalizations close-up. Don't look away.

These spammer guys remind me of my children when they don't want to listen: they hold their ears and repeat the same thing over and over to make sure that whatever I'm saying doesn't get through. Can you say "hysterischer Schwachkopf" twenty times real fast?

Note from Dave: We got used to him. It's part of being in an open environment. No problem to stop and erase the comments. Takes less than a minute. Occasionally we have to close comments, but we'll open them again fairly soon. It's easy.

Glad meinung released the Post button. At least comments work again!

Ray, thanks for all your work. It is very much appreciated.

I'll bet Schroeder would love to find out how to get this policy reversed. The more Spiegel Americans read, the more French the Germans will appear.

We have to close this comment section because of spamming til Wednesday 1pm Berlin time.

> Interesting development: SPIEGEL ONLINE [...] discovers the English speaking audience

congratulations! THAT'S some news. This has been going for at least a year and you realize that now! that's just another proof how well you actually know the media you're criticizing.

By the way, why do you keep claiming SPIEGEL to be "left-left-wing"? It's liberal at most! If SPIEGEL is "left-left-wing" then what is Jungle World (http://www.jungle-world.com/) or Freitag (http://www.freitag.de/)? left-left-left-left-wing? and what is FAZ or WELT then? left-wing?

My favorite, found in the March 1 issue.

"Teresa Heinz Kerry knows her way around, she has got around a lot: born in Mozambique, she went to school in South Africa and to university in Geneva, she speaks five languages, has translated for the United Nations, and she knows the world. Which is why she knows, and says out loud, that the United States can at times be quite immature."

Love you too, Teresa.

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