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Don't forget another friend, who's leading in the spreading of freedom and democracy: China



I think all of these interesting flirtations, embarked upon by Germany, France and a few other of the EUs most vociferous proponents; are a clear sign that there is a force in Europe doing its utmost to undermine US strategic interests around the world. Ilka Schroeder MEP, as you have covered on this site, clearly believes that the EU is now invooved in actively engaaging the US in proxy wars.

These are dangerous times for those of us that value the Transatlantic alliance, whether right or left.

BTW: great site.


Schroeder appears to actually be taller than Manh. [The photo didn't show feet so there's no certainty that Schroeder's not standing on a box.] That might explain why Schroeder would like to be photographed with Manh.

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