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Fallujah and a flashback.
Like most Iraqis I was shocked to what happened in Fallujah and till now the Iraqi street condemns what happened and reject it. Even the mosques today including the major one in Fallujah condemned the horrible crime. But what I want to do today is an attempt to remind the others of our tragedy. You can now comprehend the extent of the crime that took place in Iraq for the past 35 years. We were ruled by people like those who committed the crime in Fallujah. Every day we were shocked by scenes like these for our beloved ones our children our thinkers and artists; our bodies were mutilated for 35 years.

You have the right to be shocked and we have the right to scream out loud this is the scene we were forced to see again and again for decades; amputation of limbs decapitation, cutting tongues, casting limbs in concrete, mincing human flesh. You probably have heard of Uday’s iron coffin but have you heard of the “the Ba’ath flame”? Which meant that the prisoner would be chained and stripped of his clothes and then he would be splashed with gasoline to be set on fire until he dies. You can imagine what the comrades of such prisoners would feel while the see and hear the screams and feel the smell of the burning human flesh. I wonder if you saw the tape that Al-Jazeera put right after the war where 3 prisoners were wrapped with dynamite to be blasted in a bloody party so that the barbarians can enjoy their revenge.

We will never forget how the hungry dogs and Uday’s tigers and lion were used to be set free to eat the people -who opposed Saddam- alive.
We used to whisper these events to each other and hear from those who escaped death about all kinds of torture that mankind had forgotten or even never thought of.

We used to see brothers and friends disappear after going to work or shopping without knowing what happened to them.
Can you imagine what it would be like when a girl get raped in front of her family or the wife in front of her husband to force a “confession”?
We were terrorized to death and despite that we resisted and all kinds of weapons were used against us including WMDs.
We’re not cowards and we will never allow those people to make a come back.
You must remember very well that we’re fighting together and we face death every day, more than 500 IP members were killed and many Iraqi contractors or labor men and women who worked with the CPA to build a new Iraq but we will never despair and we’re ready to give more sacrifices so that what happened will never recur.
Do not ask for what is beyond our capabilities; we’re passing through exceptional circumstances ands we’re doing our best against terrorism. Every day one of those terrorists get arrested by the CPA the American officials announce that they got help from the people of Iraq who had made up their minds and put their feet on the right track to change without even thinking about taking a look backwards.
My sincere condolences to the families of the victims. Our fight is one and your loss is ours.

By Mohammed.

- posted by Omar @ 20:52

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