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This report about Ms. Lindauer, shows again that the Peace movement isn't just a bunch of school children saying "NO TO WAR". They are far more organized than most can imagine.

As a former USAF member, I never wanted to go to war. However, when the U.S government would have said go, I was ready to go. For eight years of my life, I was ready to defend the U.S. and its allies. I was amazed during those eight years how much information the journalists acquired about the readiness of the military. I was also angered by this leak of sensitive information.

Someone in the government would always leak this infomation to the press, sometimes for money, at other times for their own little private causes such as "the peace movement". Having lost friends during operations, I found it incredible that the press knew what was happening before any certain operation was completed.

In my opinion, if she is found guilty, they should throw the proverbial book at Ms. Lindauer, lock her up and throw away the key. It is people like her who help the enemies of the Western world to infiltrate into countries, find safe havens to build their bombs and then to escape from those same countries.

Her case will be a very well publicized one. It will be played out in the media, because she is one of their own kind. She will have the best leftist liberal lawyer available, and she may go before the best leftist liberal judge that can be found. For in the U.S. court system, if a judge can be found to be hostile to the case, another judge can be requested. The same is true in the jury selection process, hostile jurors are not selected for the jury, for any person in the U.S is tried before a jury of his/her peers. Her lawyers can also request a change of venue, a change of the location of the trial if there is a belief that she can't get a fair trial where she is arraigned.

In the U.S., criminals often have more rights than their victims, in this case it is the entire population of the United States and her soldiers in Iraq. I hope that her actions haven't caused any deaths of our soldiers.

Patriotism is one of my families virtues and has been since 1776.

N. Hale

Perhaps we should let people like maybe... post as silly as they want it. It shows their IQ. And what does this tell us about their opinion based on such IQ? :-)

It gives me a good feeling to come together here with reasonable people, who know facts, who are able to discuss, who have a high knowledge of history and politics.

And these other people? I don't care. We have millions of them. We are the minority. That is also the truth. But who rules the world? Who has the good professions and makes the world working?

Arrogant? No, just true.

"But who rules the world?"

the dumb ones, gabi. arrogant? no, just true.

btw, n. hale:

"patriotism is the virtue of the vicious." (oscar wilde)


vasili: not everywhere perhaps in Germany. :-)

you don't really think that the government is ruling this (or any other "democratic") country, do you?

but maybe i should have written "the self-centered ones" or "the most reckless ones" instead of "the dumb ones".

(btw, leicht ot: wer stern und npd in einen topf wirft, muss sich wirklich nicht darüber aufregen, dass ein winkender bush auf einem stern-titel angeblich assoziationen zu hitler wecken soll.)

Well gabi,
Oscar Wilde was not german. :)

Aber er war es:
"Drüben (in Amerika) ist nicht der Platz, Bescheidenheit und Zurückhaltung zu lernen"
Theodor Fontane


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