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Should be required reading, especially for all the "sophisticates" who can't comprehend Bush's strategy or those with a UN fetish.



Let's get our troops out of there and let that continent go to hell. They hate us. Fine. Bye-bye.
Let's stop wasting our money on enemies.
Let's do the same with South Korea. I don't care if they end up eating the lawn to survive, and the same goes for fucking Europe.

hope is not a method!

speak for yourself. i enjoyed being stationed in europe. what you hear in the media and what is actually happening on the ground are different. germans don't hate americans unless you give them a reason to hate you personally. and i like going to the Loveparade too.

You 're right, Captain Scarlet :)
I don't hate americans.
But LES' comment shows that it's just the other way around. He is the one who hates europeans.

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