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What kind of bizarro world is it that a group of people are all worked up about Bush, yet they gave Saddam Hussein a complete pass? Where was the hysterics calling for the downfall of Hussein for the last decades of his rule? You don't see "down with Kim Jong Il" either nor books on display "The Lies of Kim Jong Il", etc. Funny how the world works.

The biggest problem in Germany is a lack of any shape or form of patriotism. There might not have been many, but also Germans lost their lives during 9/11. After that it was an attack on German tourists in Tunisia, that claimed the lives of German citizens. Our short sighted impression, fueled by the attacks of the media against America was, that the root cause of all this was the American policy. Why was that so easy to achieve?
For a long time the western world had to cope with leaders, who saw their primary job in fulfilling election promises based on the apparent need of an unsatisfied public. Especially Germany is a prime example of this behavior. We are not used to people, who base their politics on a view into the future, to prevent any harm or to promote any gain based on the facts of solid knowledge and perspective. George W. Bush was a person, who felt the need to lead, based not on public opinion fueled by polls, but based on challenges, that were already present at the time of his election. For that, there just can be the highest degree of admiration for the American people.
What are the facts we all can see today? The extremists of the Islam world changed gear. While the destruction of the biggest enemy, the USA, is still an outspoken goal of their primitive leadership, the facts speak a different language. It is Moslem brothers, who become the target of suicide attacks in Iraq. It never was a question about Islam against the West, it always has been a question about power, a form of power, that doesn’t care about America, Germany, Iraq, Iran or any other country on the face of this planet. It is the question about their (extremist) way or any other way. To claim, that it is a fight between Islam and the USA is the most visible lie of our time, but nobody dares to see the facts.
As a German Air Force Major I would like to extent my deepest condolences towards every American military member, who lost his or her life in achieving a goal, that should and will remain a common goal. I had the great honor to have trained some of them, just to see them walk into battle without partners, that should have been there by their side. There can not be any excuse for Germany not being on the side of America in this struggle, a struggle, that sooner or later will also confront us. The fact, that these terrorists just picked “the biggest kid on the block” to have an easier game after his defeat should not lure us in the notion, that it will be everybody else afterwards, who will have to face the same enemy.
I have lived in the States for almost 5 years, my son is born there and it has hard to find words at this time to thank all of you for your leadership and sacrifice while spectators spend their time critiquing. Time will prove you right and I hope, that your wrath, well justified, will ease in the face of ill-informed people, led by populist leaders and equipped with a sadly short memory towards the people they owe their ability for free speech to.
Thank you for your time and all the best to this web page and all the people who put lots of effort into informing the public about facts, not best-selling food for the masses.

What we should not forget is that many people in Germany share this Bush-hatred with the half of the USA. They are connected by the internet. The same complains. The German mainstream is just the same what the media writes which support Kerry.

"Indeed, if they aren't careful, such critics could prove to be Bush's secret weapon: The American electorate may tire of being cajoled and frightened into voting against Bush, rather than politically convinced to do so. Some might even be tempted to vote for him as a way of snubbing the critics who have patronized them."

*BRRRRING!* Hello, Europe? This is Mr. & Mrs. America's dog.* I just wanted to let you know you can stop worrying about anti-Bushism in your parts affecting the U.S. presidential election. Mr. & Mrs. America don't even know you exist, let alone what y'all are blathering about in your scandal rags. They just figure there's a bunch of folks over somewhere across the big water chugging bordeaux/bitter/pils and scarfing snails/fish'n'chips/cabbage and waiting to swipe the ol' Visa/AmEx/MasterCard when Mr. & Mrs. go on that big trip they've been planning.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

* I'm sure my master and mistress would've written themselves, but they're pretty busy at the moment. Y'see, it's time for the national championships in college basketball so the Mr. doesn't have much use for anything that isn't a bracket sheet, and the Mrs. is pouring over Bloomie's Spring catalog.

Thank you very much for taking the time to convey your perspective on this forum. I have to say that I breathe a very big sigh of relief knowing there is minds such as yours who still reside in Europe- those whose memory of history and intellect serve to better the planet, rather than a desire to simply form a commision to endlessly dispute all of it.
Thank you again, Sir.

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