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Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen...

I hope Blair can survive the political hit he took over Iraq. He is following in the proud footsteps of Churchill, just hope he doesn't suffer the same political fate.

There is a great article in today's Sunday FAZ by Hans-Ulrich Klose (SPD), head of the Bundestag's "Auswärtiger Ausschuss" (foreign relations committee). If he represents the current thinking of the SPD, then there is hope for better US-German relations. The article is already in the pay-only section of the websits www.faz.net (ca. € 1.50). Although the primary focus is on building Europe, the central point is that Germany needs to understand the central role that the United States played and plays in building Europe and that by alienating the US, "Kerneuropa" (aka Old Europe) will not only alienate many new countries, it will convince the US that it is hostile to the United States and trying to build an institution that wants to undermine us. The first half of the article is about as succinct and honest an assessment of the current foreign relations situation as I have read in the past two years. It is sober and rational. Bravo FAZ. Bravo Klose.

Talking about the catastrophe of WWI, Klose writes:

"Europa hat diese Katastrophe überwunden, durch eigene Anstrengugn, aber vor allem mit amerikanischer Hilfe. (...) Es ist sinnvoll, diese europäische Nachkriegsgeschichte im Gedächtnis zu behalten."

Klose even deals with Rumsfeld's "Old Europe" comment in a very open way.

May the cooler heads prevail.

Volle Zustimmung meinerseits!
oder anders gesagt:
Totally agreed!
F. Hoffmann

I've posted this msg on David's famous 'thread 4" and am posting it here.

"Klaus, Karl B., N. Klaric, Gabi, and yes, tn, I am just catching up with work after having been ill for far too long. Are you still interested in starting a blog or something to continue this?
Please email me, I will post this on other threads."


Hier ist die deutsche Übersetzung der Blair-Rede

N. Klaric,

I don't have any illusions about the SPD, but it is important to me that the head of the foreign relations committee at least understands the issues in a way that is compatible with good relations with the USA. Sometimes during the past year I really had the impression that the SPD was not even on the same planet. I think that 2003 was a very sobering year for the SPD as well as for the neocon branch of the Bush Administration.

While the Bush administration appears to have learned the limits of our military power to effect change, the SPD learned that by trying to oppose the US in the way it did it weakened not only Germany but Project EU and Germany's leadership role in it. That is why the term "Old Europe" hit such a nerve here in Germany. Sometimes, the truth hurts.

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