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This is the way that I think of Germany also. His story captures the way that I've felt all my life, and I'm 57. So what happened?

I grew up with a great love for the USA - and for Israel - at school, in the newspapers and later in TV. It changed with the Vietnam war a little and totally with the red/green Government and their influence in the media. Now it is mainstream to hate the USA. Read forums in the internet. It is the power of the mob with better professions like journalists, teachers, professors, moderators in TV and radio. They created this new atmosphere in Germany. The same in UK and in other Europeen countries. Look at the BBC. What happened to her? Half educated people on the hunt for sensations.


For a wonderful understanding of the damage "half educated people on the hunt for sensation" can do to our civilization check out "Civilization and its Enemies" by Lee Harris. This is an amazing analyis of our current situation, for both America and Germany.

However, to claim the Werher von Braun "escaped the Nazis" is not quite accurate. As long as they were in power he did not give the impression to be too upset.

Werner von Braun was a true to form hypocrite and a SOB who served Hitler faithfully and to the best of his ability. Instead of him being installed by idiotic bureaucrats to head the US rocketry effort he should have been shot.
The soviets managed to build much more powerful rocket launchers than the US without the help of Herr von Braun. It is in space electronics that the US had the edge and without the Nazis' help probably would have achieved same in rockets.

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