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infamous: Thank you for that excellent article, certainly along the lines of what I was meaning but written a lot more succinctly. Like you, I also agree with it. They need to say no to the leftists, put the God of their understanding back into their lives, fill up the churches, and start procreating or they're in very big trouble.

I see in Brussels where Kopi Annan was reminding the Europeans of their gray-haired populous and telling them they need to keep their doors open to all immigrants or they'd be perceived as lil ole beasties <- ok, ok, my wording. He also added a bonus incentive - if they didn't do as he "suggested" they'd be breaking a 1951 UN treaty. http://www.deutschewelle.de/english/0,3367,1433_A_1099922_1_A,00.html

Do countries really keep UN treaties anymore? LOL

versilli: I have family all over Europe and get many articles e-mailed from hither and yither. If there was anything positive voiced/written about us they would send me the crumbs but as yet that hasn't happened and I'm not holding my breath. That's not to say that we don't have any friends over there - I know a few myself who can see the bigger picture. I have an overall grasp of the media setup there as it was where I was born and raised - Europe, that is. I also visit my family frequently (all except one who doesn't speak to me anymore because of my stance on the Iraqi war). I think I shock them a lot for my support on the WOT and President Bush - very unpopular view as you may know. I'm put in a box with the label "war-mongerer" stamped on top.

IMO, it's suffice to say that the European
"elites" get their message across to the "masses" with the greatest of ease and with almost non-existant challenges. The few that are brave enough (bless their hearts) to challenge the propaganda are written off as bigots, fasists or racists. Does free speech still exist over there? (a reporter for Le Monde was recently fired for daring to say that the paper was biased in their reports of the war in Iraq and leftist in their overall reporting). I hope more journalists start speaking out but thereagain why would any stick their necks out when they see what happened to the reporter who did - an example was made - and these are the people who critique our press!

The picture that's portrayed in the European slanted-toward-the-left-media (admittedly more in France/Britain than Germany but it does spill over) is that America is the worst society that ever was, there is nothing we do that is right. Our society is ruled by money, everything is a commodity, no values, all our presidents are in the pocket of the oil companies, poverty is rampant, crime is everywhere, only the rich can afford medical care, the schools are way below par, university is reserved only for those who can pay, native Americans, slavery, McCarthyism, and so it goes. Anything that will show us in a bad light is spun ad nauseum and echo's throughout Europe (includes Germany). See what happens when you have a liberal democracy!!! Look at what Capitalism, or should I say the C-word, has done to the world? See how it all fits and who the baddie is in all this......

Anti-Americanism is certainly not new in Europe - it happened long before the Iraqi war. It was prevalent when I was growing up there but wasn't so open nor as rampant. I guess the Cold War kept the lid on the blatant outspokeness of today, though the words, cowboy and b-movie actor, were bandied about, anyone remember? Clinton was tolerated because he was a war-deserter, visited Moscow and liked it, had affaires and in essence was one of them - so he got a pass on the lack of a "UN permission slip" when he bombed Iraq and of course the Balkans. Personally, I have never seen nor heard such anger and hatred as shown toward this current president. Could it be as simple as - he's a born-again Christian?

Europe - socialism/secularism is where it's at and Christianity is old-hat fairy tales.

America Christianity is still in -

Churches are full in America - how can that be? They elected not only a republican but a born-again one at that? A NEO-CONSERVATIVE? How can this be? Well, we always knew Americans were stupid. How can they reject this NEW and IMPROVED Socialist World Order. God out - Utopia in - why can't the dummies see this. And so they villify us with their pen, and take the side of any tin-pot dictator who has a beef with us - no matter what their Human Rights records show.

Didn't I see Chirac shake the hand of Mugabe just months ago? I think this was about the time that Schoeder started to do a little dance back toward his own country, or was it?

Hi Ariel, awesome post, good to have you aboard.

Anne: You are close, but not exactly accurate. The person you are thinking of is Alain Hertoghe. He was not a reporter for la Monde, but for la Croix, and he was axed for a book he wrote "La guerre à outrances : Comment la presse nous a désinformés sur l'Irak"

In his book, he castigates the reporting of the French press on the Iraq war.

Your observations about religion are telling and as an issue within the context of cultural misunderstandings has not been given the attention it deserves. Good for you to bring it up.

N. Klaric: You have no idea what you have wrought. Thank you. I intend to blame your post for all the havoc I am in the process of wreaking.

Ariel from Boston: Remind me to never piss you off. On the other hand, your post carries some cultural short-hand that I would like to see deconstructed - by you. Your mother is Morrocan, thereby inculcating in you a Franco-centric view. Is that, a priori, anti-American, as your post seems to imply, (at least to me)?

You wrote: Bush inherited a major recession and managed to turn around our country to some of the highest economic growth in twenty years

My question to you is, when and how did this become 'our country'?

You are so articulate, I would like to know more about how, given your anti-american stance in your earlier life, this got turned around. Please don't tell me it was ALL due to a dinner party. I'll start up a catering business!

I forgot to say one thing to Ariel of Boston:

'ot' probably hates you right now. I imagine you can carry this burden with the appropriate aplomb.

Me, I will snicker off-stage.

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