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In that picture above, do you notice that Chancellor Schroeder is standing on a box? A bit sensitive about his height, is he?

Oh, so that's what they mean by Shroeder "stepping down". I thought he was resigning from his position as party leader. ;)

Tja, bleibt nur zu hoffen dass der Spuk bald ganz zu Ende ist...

This means a step to the left for the SPD and may be a setback for the desperately-needed reform process. If this is the end of the reform process, then it's time to start packing my bags.

I don't think that the Greens will bail out the way the FDP did under Schmidt. We're stuck with Rot-Grün 'til 2006.

(Tonight Schröder and comrades should ask themselves: "why didn't we cooperate with the CDU when we were in the opposition to implement needed reforms instead of systematically blocking everything.")

Poor Herr Schroeder:

Politically, he's immobilized. If he moves either to the left or to the right, he loses stature :)


Nonsense on stilts.

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