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Regarding the photo linked in your update, I am unsure what the purpose of that link is?

The link leads to the web site of Franz Schoenhuber, a former SS man and founder of the Republikaner, a far-right fringe party in Germany's political spectrum (and despite its name, in no way similar to the Republicans in the United States).

While I am fully aware that linking to someone does not equate to endorsing them, in my opinion, the link to Mr. Schoenhuber's web site is inappropriate for Davids Medienkritik, and I would respectfully ask the webmaster to consider removing the link.

Response from David: Frankly, initially I had some second thoughts about linking to the photo. Would I associate myself with Schönhuber by linking to it? The answer is: no, of course not. I found the photo through a Google search, and it's so interesting because it shows Mahler and Schily being very close, virtually. Plus, having Axel Springer on the same picture is almost of historical dimensions. Further, the page I'm linking to shows nothing but the photo - no comment, no explanation, nothing.
I frequently link to content at sites I don't approve. Some of the Mahler material is from left-wing sites, one document is even from Mahler's own site. Do I care? No. What counts is my own content. And I'm light years away from right wing wackos like Mahler or Schönhuber. End of story.

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