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Not opposing that a Saddam trial would look like this and that's why shouldn't be handled like this. There's one difference however: in a Saddam trial it may be the intention to put a criminal to justice. In the Milosvic trial there are strong indications that the only person in the world with that intention is Mr. May.

I'm not saying this out of the blue or as propaganda. I went through the whole transcripts of the Kosovo part last year as part of a contract job to analyse it. And here's my conclusions (it's shortened, as I don't have my orginal doc anymore):

- selection of witnesses and selection of time accounted to witnesses strongly suggests that prosecution is mainly based on western intelligence information and partly on information from NGOs, so it can safely be assumed that NGO information was at least checked against intelligence information
- there are no indications for attempts of prosecution to cover the links to western intelligence (in fact my personal impression, though no indications found for it, is they want to make such links obvious)
-there's a remarkable lack of cooperation of Albanian witnesses with the prosecution when it comes to revealing their weaknesses in advance, this has not improved over the whole time
- prosecution doesn't seem to have a clue of the KLA background of numerous witnesses who claim to be civilian victims, no improvements on this at all
- in the beginning witnesses were obviously not well prepared by the prosecution, this improved over time, though I wouldn't suggest prosecution is already satisfied with situation
- scarce coverage of trial in the western media

*as it can be assumed that prosecution asses it's weaknesses and tries to obtain missing information AND as there are strong suggestions that the necessary information could be obtained:
it can be assesed that there is a lack of ongoing support from western governments/intelligence -> lack of monitoring of the whole trial by western governments is highly likely

* as in some cases such information can easyly be obtained without having access to confidential information, only obvious conclusion is: lack of personnel/time on prosecutions side (lack of interest on prosecutions side can be outruled, as there are many indications against it)

personal feeling though based on analysis:
Western governments strategy seemed to be: give the prosecution our information when it's evidence against Milosevic and then let them handle the thing.

overall conclusion:
The amazing lack of support, that could even be spotted without any analysis at all, suggests that a "guilty" is already decided, no effort should be wasted to avoid that as "guilty" is just anyway. As prosecution is weak and there's no improvement, no media coverage can be achieved, so goal one (public coverage of the KLA issue) cannot be achieved. Goal 2 (prosecution of KLA members) cannot be supported efficiently through the Milosevic trial.
No money nor effort should be spent to support defence.

I don't care for Milo, ideally the Serbs themselves should have locked him up and thrown away the key; bread and water rations, no amenities.

But what about the Kosovo? (Within the Yugoslav federation it never had the same autonomy as Slovenia or Croatia.) The dismemberment of Serbia apparently is a fait accompli. So much for the yapping from the usual suspects about "territorial sovereignty". Are the Serbs expelled by the KLA going to get their homes back and guarantees of living in safety?

I agree that Milosevic belongs to where he is, in jail.
My point is that the Albanian ex-terrorists are still supported (they are sitting in parliament instead of jail), cause most governments agree the situation in Kosovo would get out of control if they were taken to court. I'm just afraid this sends a strong wrong signal to other terrorists.
It shows the Western world as weak. They've got the balls to lock someone up who has no power anymore and criminals who are not a fart better are even payed by EU, because they have more influence in their country (btw. they still rule by terrorising their own fellow Albanians). Now hang on, if that's the war against terrorism we've lost it already.

>I'd like to know where you got your information from that the EU pays criminals in Kosovo "who are not a fart better".

Well the best example is of course Hashim Tachi, Democratic Party of Kosovo. I do see some progress in a better direction, please take look at this, for example:


but then track down how things moved on at The Hague (links above) and the Kosovo assemly (for instance movements like this):

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