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1. In defence of Hutton


2. Wrong then, wrong now: How the BBC blundered


Auch Wolfgang Münchau in der Financial times Deutschland setzt sich gut mit der Problematik auseinander.


Kolumne: Dichtung, Wahrheit und Krieg (03.02.2004)

Gabi, I have one problem with the headline in the Telegraph. To characterize the behavior of the BBC as a 'blunder', is to give it the credibility of a mistake made honestly.

That is not the case. Andrew Gilligan was rewarded within the culture of the BBC for being anti-Tony Blair. He was in Baghdad when it fell, maintained he had not seen any American military, and when the statue of Saddam was pulled down, an event covered live worldwide by even Al Jazeera, the BBC covered an earthquake in India.

This was not an honest mistake. This is propaganda. If this were just one reporter, just one incident of over-the-top reporting, it would have gone unnoticed. But now the BBC, as a culture, and Andrew Gilligan as a human being, have to sit back and get bitch-slapped for their complicity for the death of David Kelly. They lied about his information, they lied about him.

I cannot imagine how Gilligan could ever face Kelly's family.

Gilligan does not realize his responsibility. He still goes on with complaining about Blair and the pressure they made and that they made the dossier sexier. When he still blames others, there is no need to see the truth: Dr. Kelly killed himself NOT because of the Government.

Thomas Kielinger von der WELT hat leider auch nicht die Problematik verstanden und suggeriert den Lesern, es ginge nun um Einschränkung der Pressefreiheit. Gerade an den Reaktionen in unseren Medien sieht man die Qualität der jeweiligen. Zeit und Finanacial Times Deutschland, ein bißchen sehr wenig. Oder gab es noch mehr gute Analysen?

"The media," writes Mr. Kaplan, "is no longer simply the fourth estate, without which the other three branches of government could not operate honestly and effectively. Because of technology and the consolidation of news organizations — similar to the consolidation of airline and automobile alliances — the media is becoming a world power in its own right. The power of the media is willful and dangerous because it dramatically affects Western policy while bearing no responsibility for the outcome. Indeed, the media's moral perfectionism is possible only because it is politically unaccountable."

aus: Investigating weapons expert's death, another side of England by Clive Davis


I think it is good when the discussion will go on because too many people still believe more the journalists and did not understand the problem when journalists go on creating news instead of reporting them.


The lawyers also say the BBC's decision to run Andrew Gilligan's infamous Radio 4 Today programme broadcast claiming the dossier was "sexed up" was justified under the European Convention on Human Rights and previous legal rulings that allegations do not have to be proved before they are published.

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