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Lesenswert (Englisch und Deutsch)(Über Israel-berichterstattung)

Don't Bow to the ‘Beeb’

By Jonathan Tobin

Collapse of BBC's credibility isn't just a British issue

http://www.jewishworldreview.com | There's something about a British accent that tends to make Americans weak at the knees.

Verbeugt euch nicht vor der “Beeb”

Der Kollaps der Glaubwürdigkeit der BBC geht nicht nur die Briten etwas an

Ein britischer Akzent hat etwas, das die Amerikaner weiche Knie bekommen lässt.


"But it is not just British reporters who have joined Mr. Arafat's journalistic brigades. Riccardo Christiano, bureau chief of the Italian state network RAI, put it plainly in a letter to the Palestinian Authority in October. After two Israeli reservists were lynched by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah, most journalists at the scene had their film and cameras confiscated. But one crew from the private Italian network Mediaset got out with the videotape, which was then shown around the world. Mr. Christiano was determined to let the Palestinian Authority know that, contrary to rumors, his network was not involved. So he wrote this letter, which unhappily for him found its way into a Palestinian newspaper:

"My Dear Friends in Palestine: We congratulate you and think it is our duty to explain to you what happened on Oct. 12 in Ramallah. One of the private Italian television stations which competes with us . . . filmed the events . . . Afterwards Israeli television broadcast the pictures as taken from one of the Italian stations, and thus the public impression was created as if we took these pictures.

"We emphasize to all of you that the events did not happen this way, because we always respect the journalistic rules of the Palestinian Authority for work in Palestine . . . We thank you for your trust and you can be sure that this is not our way of acting, and we would never do such a thing.

"Please accept our dear blessings."

In plain terms, respecting these "rules" means ignoring stories that would anger Mr. Arafat, and reporting on stories that would please him."

ISRAEL RESOURCE NEWS AGENCY - Once again, the lie of Palestinian Authority "condemnation" of terror
Did the Palestinian Authority condemn the Sunday bus bombing in Jerusalem which the PLO took credit for? Every media outlet seems to think so.
You might call it the biggest lie of media reportage the twenty first century
At the scene of the crime on Sunday, watching the burning bus carnage, I immediately called Arabic speaking colleagues and asked them one thing: Put on the "Voice of Palestine Radio", the VOP, the official radio station run by the PA and under the tight control of Yasser Arafat. Find out what they are saying.
I managed to get a hold of Michael Widlanski, an Arabic speaking journalist who just finished his PHD on the subject of the Palestinian Authority Arabic language media. Widlanski listened intently to each VOP newscast, which referred to the man who committed the bombing of the bus in Jerusalem yesterday as a martyr ("shahid") in each of their news programs.
In Widlanski's words, "they treated him royally both yesterday and today".
As Widlanski explained it "...'Shahid' is an honorary term given to someone who dies in battle. It is not conferred to a criminal. If the act was considered a criminal act then he would not be termed a martyr 'shahid'...".
Widlanski explained that "it should also be noted that the pro forma condemnation broadcast in Arabic on VOP never said anything against the person who carried out the attack itself. Instead the "condemnation" explained the act - blaming it on Israel and voicing concern regarding its timing.
The term used on the VOP was as "an explosive operation" without any negative terminology associated with it. In sharp contrast, Widlanski noted, the announcement of the demolition of the "martyr's house" by the IDF was termed "barbaric" with VOP urging Palestinians to come out of their houses to show resistance to the "racist Israeli threats".
At 6:00 PM on Sunday evening, only nine hours after the bombing, Widlanski watched and translated the main evening news program , when PA TV broadcast film clips openly encouraging attacks against Israelis. PA TV ran a clip of a small child no older than 6 - 7 years old singing to himself "by stone or by knife I will attack the enemy".
The clip was several minutes long and this chorus was repeated many times.
I also watched the clip, which showed that the official media of the PA conveyed one message: The PA actively encourages terror, especially by children.
Yet the mainstream media outlets, even the media outlets in Israel, do not, as a matter of policy, report what the Palestinian Authority reports to their own people in their own language and in their own official media. That would spoil any remaining belief in the "peace process".
Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who oversees the Israel Broadcasting Authority, has not answered numerous letters in which he is asked as to why he would not ask the IBA to simply cover the content of the VOP for the Israeli people to know what message is conveyed by the Palestinian Authority to their own people. Olmert will not respond. Why confuse the people of Israel with the facts?
(von honestlyconcerned)

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