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Unfortunately it's no joke. The West is having a bloodless Civil War. Meanwhile the jihadists are chortling in the beards at the confirmation of their belief that we are terminally decadent.

That's all the supporters of Bush keep on telling: "If you don't support Bush you support the terrorists". You can say it over and over again, it still won't become the truth.
It's Mr. Bush who's responsible for the fucked up situation and not those who call him a liar. Because he IS a liar.
Why was he so eager to start the war before the UN weapons inspectors finished their report? Why did he never present any of his "evidence" for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
It's so absolutely ignorant to claim the only way to fight terrorists is to follow a liar just because the are his enemies too. If we lose the fight for truth we have already lost the fight against terrorism.

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