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We rescued them twice in the twentieth century at the cost of billions of dollars and 117,000 dead service members in WW I and 298,000 dead civilians and service members in WW II.

It cost billions of dollars to rebuild.

It cost billions of dollars to support them militarily and provide security for them.

We do this even though they despise us.

They call our soldiers and leaders murderers and liars.

They often oppose us in the UN.

They often try to win world support for their own impractical socialist welfare states.

They feel as though they have a higher morality, due to no wars in the last sixty years. (This security has been provided by the United States military, which protects not only the U.S. but them as well.)

We provided an umbrella of protection against Russia and the Eastern bloc nations.

Why are we still there? Why do we still support Europe? Because it is in the interest of U.S. security to do so as well as the world's.


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