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i need to send an email to the prime minister.please send his e mai address thank you

When you have hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go. The SPD is NOT on the march again, dipshit, it's bouncing off the ground, sort of like Moellemann did.

The CDU is not a conservative party like the Republicans or the Tories, it's a socialdemocratic party , only minimally right of the SPD.

Note from David: The CDU/CSU is close to the social democrats in social policies, but conservative in law and order areas, way more oriented towards higher military spending than the social democrats, more oriented towards transatlantic cooperation than the social democrats. There are many more striking differences in education and cultural policies between the CDU/CSU and the SPD. To create the impression that because of a certain closeness in social policies the CDU/CSU would only be "minimally right of the SPD" is simply wrong.
Anyway, this has been discussed a zillion times in this blog.

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