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"...killing at least four Israelis and wounding seven people."

Is a distinction being made here between "Israelis" and "people"?

"Several Palestinians were also among the wounded."

Alles klar.

Die Welt hatte aber drei ausführliche Artikel zu dem Thema Selbstmordattentäter/in. Auch die SZ zog nach. Allerdings brachten die ZDF Nachrichten um 17 Uhr die Meldung noch nicht einmal in der Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Ereignisse, sondern erst nach ca. 10 Minuten unter dem Motto, was sonst noch so in der Welt passiert. Kein Bild von einem Opfer.

I have not heard any analysis with respect to a now declassified CIA/Navy Seal operation in Libya called "Operation Rat Hole" which began in February of 2003 before the war began.

Apparently, a U.S. Navy special ops team was sent in to do surveillance on a meeting at a villa in Libya between a group of terrorists and the Iraqi secret service. The meeting was taped and recorded and sent to CIA headquarters in real time. The CIA ordered the Mukarbarrat agent and terrorists killed when the Iraqi agent ordered terrorist attacks on U.S. targets in the U.S. as well as in Europe. All of the terrorists and the Iraqi agent were killed and the seal team confiscated a treasure trove of documents, cell phones and computers. They also uncovered plans to assassinate a Shia cleric in London. Two CIA agents shot the suicide bomber in London moments before he could detonate the bomb.

Does this not prove that Saddam was a real and growing threat to the U.S. ?

Does this not prove not only a link between Saddam and terrorists, but also that they themselves are engaged in terror against the U.S. ?

Why has the press not covered this and other such stories? The heroism of the Special ops troops is itself is news worthy.

Most people in America don't know that Saddam's own brother in law (who was by the way in charge of the WMD concealment program) while under interrogation in Jordan in 1995 after his defection, reluctantly told his interrogators that Saddam's plan was to obtain at least two nuclear warheads to put on tractor trailers in order to detonate them in Kuwait City and Haifa.

Where is the coverage of this fact?

Why have the Democratic candidates not been asked to comment on these well documented and alarming facts?

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