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I found this on an Iraqi blog:

Saturday, November 29, 2003
Pres. Bush in Baghdad
The First American president visits Baghdad, that’s another brick in the glorious age of Iraq, that’s for sure. I hope we could see Mr. Bush to express our gratitude for him and his men. And in my opinion if Mr. Bush walked in the street of Baghdad he will be surprised with the number of Iraqi’s who are going to be happy to see him and would give him their blessing.
In one day at the beginning of the age after the 9th of Apr 2003 a man from Baghdad who worked with me said some thing while we were talking about the new situation, the man said “well if the Americans do not want Mr. Bush as a president for a second period, he is welcomed to be our president”, you can see that’s impossible, but when a simple hard worker man says this its mean a lot, at least it means that we are ready to start a new age with the Americans full of prosperity & real glory.

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