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The dpa list is a very bad joke. Note that it does not say "attacks by al Qaeda" but "worst terror attacks since 9/11". If I am not mistaken, the attack in Netanya in Israel cost about as many lives as yesterday´s attack, yet it is missing. And that is just one example. When will people realize that Israel has been confronted with the same kind of terror for many years. Other omissions: the Philippines, Pakistan, India, ...

Maybe the writers want to create the impression that only the US presence in Iraq provoked the attacks. And no, I don´t think I am being paranoid.

That is what the German media and people believe: The USA and UK created this terror like Sharon did. The people ignore the real terror and focus only on the fight against terror. This fight they call "terror" and it is the only terror which they condemn.

I have also noticed that the attack against the British Consulate in Istanbul has been treated much more seriously in Germany than the bombing of the synagogue a couple days earlier, presumably because the latter was aimed at Jews, and was therefore understandable.

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