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I think that they are correct in saying that terrorism recruiting is up as a result of the invasion of Iraq. I'm pretty sure that Bush knew this would happen. I guessed it would, even though I supported and continue to support the war/occupation. It was an unavoidable consequence. This negative consequence, however, is outweighed by the fact that 1) terrorism recruitment was already strong in any event. 2)The people/organizations/governments doing the funding and support for them have been served notice. There are increasingly fewer bases for them to use to organize and it is increasingly hard to receive the level of outside support in training, planning and matriel - all needed for large-scale attacks. The one other variable is 3) while terrorist recruitment using grievances will be up in the short term, recruitment using triumphalism - the vision of an achievable victory - will not hold much power. As the situation in Iraq improves, even the grievance mongering will hold less attraction.

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