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It's also interesting to note how the Spiegel titles its reporting of this event: "Amerikaner sollen sich verstecken" ("Americans are asked to hide") and then a subtext:

"Die amerikanischen Terrorwarnung (sic) war vergeblich. Im saudiarabischen Riad starben bei einem Selbstmordanschlag 17 Menschen, 122 wurden verletzt. Die Opfer sind ueberwiegend Auslaender."

"The terror alert issued by the American had no effect. 17 people died and 122 were injured by a suicide attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The victims are mostly foreigners."

Right on, the Spiegelleser exults: "Americans, you can run but you can't hide."

(Few Spiegellesers will ever learn that no Americans were killed this time, but who cares - we all know what this is really about. And it has to be put out so quickly that they don't even take the time to fix the grammar mistakes in their lead-in sentence.)

They've now changed their headline at the above URL from "Americans are asked to hide" to "Kofi Annan condemns cowardly attack." Makes you wonder if they read Davids Medienkritik...

Especially the American readers of this blog should know that our secretary of Foreign Affairs, Herr Fischer, received the 'Leo-Baeck-Award' from our increasing jewish community. Moreover, the ambassador of Israel, Mr Stein, has called him frequently a close friend of Israel.

If anybody tries to indicate in the way we see obove that this man is an anti-zionist or moreover an anti-Semite it can only be called simple propaganda.

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