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Given that Bush recently talked about ending the "daily humiliation" of the Palestinians, given that the 10% cut appears to have been proposed by Israel, or at least bilaterally agreed upon, I just don't see how this makes a case for anti-Israel opinion. I read Ha'aretz online just about everyday, granted a left-of-center publication, and nothing in the FAZ quote above would be out of place there. One can criticize the current Israeli government and its settlement and barrier wall policies without being anti-Israel.

Regarding your comment: you are right up to a point, but the condescending tone and the implication that Israel should be hit harder -- regardless of what its enemies are doing, or even if it happens to embolden them -- are not part of the realm of honorable criticism of Israel.

Granted, FAZ is still the best in Germany, tied with Die Welt, but that doesn't mean much these days.

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