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Being a fact-driven type, it seems pretty obvious to me that the Iraqi population is voting their own futures on the Coalition-liberated Iraq. To what does the idiot quoted above attribute the dropoff, if not the 'evil idiot' Bush?

Just curious, how free was Iraqi emigration under Saddam? I'd guess not very, except from the regions protected by our no-fly zones.

Sarcasm, Dave, sarcasm. That was David talking and he agrees with you.

Die Hauptseite des Spiegel aendert sich oft, ist aber immer einen Lacher wert. Man muesste stuendliche Schnappschuesse machen, um den ganzen Bloedsinn festzuhalten.

Im Moment liest man folgendes:

"Bush in London" "Der anstrengende Gast ist gelandet" .. dann im selben Paragraph: "Londons Buergermeister nannte ihn "eine Bedrohung fuer unseren Planeten". mehr ....

Dann, direkt drunter:
Umfrage: Briten sind Bush ploetzlich wohlgesonnen.

Und darunter: "Staatsbesuch: Bush versteckt sich im Buckingham-Palast".

Da fragt man sich, ob sich Bush vor den wohlgesonnen Briten versteckt oder vor dem Londoner Buergermeister, der ihn eine Gefahr fuer das Leben auf diesem Planeten nennt.

Spiegel Online's frontpage displays its usual absurdity. Right now it says
"London's mayor calls Bush a treat to life on this planet" and "British welcome Bush" in the same blurb. Actually, it says "British welcome Bush ploetzlich" - all the sudden, unexpectedly, contrary to expectations - well, the Spiegel's expectations at least.

Could someone please delete the duplicate and this posting. Thanks.

How many Iraqis have left Germany to return to Iraq? That would be an interesting number to discover.

Bush is such a Nincompoop!

OTTO SCHILLY , The German intern minister is a Big Fool.
He is just like Hitler , he fights against People from poor countries and disallows immigrants seeking for a political or religious asylum.

He the otto schilly does not burn human being in fire like hitler did since he can not repeat that , but allows people to sink in the great oceans.
Thank God his time is up.....

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