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Gott im Himmel! Ich dachte, unsere Version der A.P. wäre schlecht. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, daß es in Deutschland oder woanders eine andere Version geben könnte, die noch schlimmer ist.

Good God. I thought our version of the A.P. was bad. I had no idea there was an even worse version in Germany or anywhere else.

While AP Germany certainly picks stuff Germans want to read, it seems to me that don't make stuff up unless they have to.

news.google.com shows the source as Beth Gardiner from scotsman.com:

The regional paper reported rumours that President George Bush will drop in next week to cap his state visit to Britain.

If he comes, the welcome is likely to be friendlier than in London, where opponents of the war in Iraq hope to rally tens of thousands of protesters.

“I’d be happy to buy him a drink if he came in now,” said Bill Brown, 74, sipping white wine at the Dun Cow Inn, where Blair often dines when he is visiting.

The teetotal president would be unlikely to take up Brown’s offer, which may be just as well, since he says he preferred former President Bill Clinton and thinks Bush is ”a bit short on brains.”

But what are little local omissions or selections compared to what the Spiegel has to report on Bush's visit:

George W. Bush soll während seines Besuchs im Buckingham-Palast den Garten der Königin verwüstet haben. Selbst die Flamingos der Königin seien traumatisiert.

Spiegel reports on Bush's visit to the UK:

George W. Bush has reportedly laid waste the Queen's garden during his visit in Buckingham palace. Even the royal flamingos were traumatized.

Yep, and Buckingham palace staff have "never seen the Queen so angry," writes Der Spiegel, quoting the Sunday Mirror.

Here we have the foremost Spiegel qualities in a nutshell: intellectual laziness, copying from others (they never used to give attribution, now they do), and gossipy spite.

The Queen story was on the front page of n-tv all day as well.

I'm having trouble feeling sorry for Bush right now. The Republicans have begun an ad campaign that questions the patriotism of Democrats who opposed the war. This is sickening and as one-sided as the reporting that David criticizes at this site. Until the Republicans give up their "crusade" to squelch legitimate opposition they should not be surprised when they are met with similarly twisted views of themselves around the world. Is this just a war of propaganda or does the truth still value?

The only problem is that all Americans suffer from the sins of the highly ideological group now in power. It is hard to have sympathy for a country led by such a band of arrogant, intolerant ideologues; I often find myself in the awkward position of defending Bush, even though I'd never vote for him. But my willingness to do so is diminishing every day.

From Chermany, your Karl B.

Today on CNN I heard only an ad from the democrats about Bushs faults. Does this disturb you too, Karl?

Karl, I'm not familiar with the ads you refer to, but isn't it simply normal politics for one political party to portray the other in a bad light by giving issues a certain 'spin'. That's hardly equivalent to "squelching opposition". The government does not control public discourse in the USA; there is plenty of harsh criticism of Bush and his policies in the US media (I know because I'm here right now). Unlike in Europe, where Bush and co. are routinely described as "arrogant", here a diversity of views on the administration are readily available. In the end, people have to make up their own minds about which party or candidate they like better.∑

Gabi, what faults were mentioned in the CNN ad?

N. Klaric, intolerance, e.g., outing someone's wife as a CIA operative because he criticized the claim that Iraq was trying to buy uranium in Africa; impugning someone's patriotism simply because they objected to the war in Iraq.

Kid C., I see a big difference between criticizing political positions / votes on the one hand and personal attacks on the integrity of a candidate on the other. Calling someone's patriotism into question for not having supported Bush's approach to Iraq is insidious.

My point is: it is hypocritical to cry out against all the negative portrayals of Bush abroad while at the same time tolerating similar twisting of the truth at home against his adversaries in the interest of getting Bush re-elected.

As for harsh criticism of Bush in the U.S., that is a very recent development post 9-11. As recently as this summer there was hardly a peep to be heard from most U.S. media or politicians. Hell, most of the Democrats voted to give Bush the authority to march into Iraq if negotiations failed -- so much for being unpatriotic.

Karl B., what is your opinion of Dick Gephardt?

I recently saw that Howard Dean attacked him for having voted to authorize military action on Iraq.

Right away Gephardt went up in my estimation.

However, it seems that Gephardt is focused on a domestic agenda: jobs, jobs and jobs, in that order *g*

Am I right? Is Gephardt a throwback to the "Big Labor" Dem era? Would you see that as good or bad?

If he were elected President, what sort of foreign policy would he pursue?

The ad was about the "failure" in Iraq, Karl B. I was too busy today. I will listen to it tomorrow again and tell you more if you wish.

To Charlemagne:
I still believe that the Nürnberger Gesetze created this idea about full, half, 3/4 jewish. What is nonsense when it is a religion. Why should the jewish believe be more than religion? The islam also has more than the believe in God. It also refers to a certain culture as far as I know.

Gabi, many people of Jewish origins consider themselves Jewish even though they do not follow the Jewish religion. The Nazi laws have nothing to do with this.`

I did not know that, kid charlemagne. Today I brought two books about it. :-)

You could see it as anti-Bush spin in Germany...or you could see it as pro-Bush spin in the US. You could also take into account the fact that these two different articles might have been edited by two different Yahoo editors.

Either way, it's always easy to accuse the mass media of active bias when you don't know how the mass media work.

lgfwatch: wouldn't it be appropriate to add a "comment" function to your blog instead of criticizing lgf for removing individual comments?
http://lgfwatch.blogspot.com/2003_11_01_lgfwatch_archive.html#106928164173217388 (Nov 19)

lgfwatch writes:

conservative Christian Democrat party, the only mainstream party in Germany to have wholeheartedly supported the US invasion of Iraq

What planet does he live on?

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